Comments - Kia Rio Antenna Concept In All Its SEMA Glory

Published: Nov 04, 2011
Description: We had previously brought you a rendering of Antenna's take on the Kia Rio 5-Door, called the Retro Surf Rio. We now have actual photos, and we can honestly say that the rendering entirely fail t...
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Description: These consist primarily of a body kit, wheels, exhaust, a roof rack with a surfboard and some paint and window tint. The interior though, is where all of the retro can be found. A theme made up of pla...
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Paul Lissona Dec 05, 2011
They look too weird now idk wtf their trying to look like, and yah the wheels help.
Edith Wharton Nov 05, 2011
Look at those seats! Ugly
Miguel Escajeda Nov 04, 2011
Kia its not what it use to be!!
Landon Combass Nov 04, 2011
I saw a new Kia Rio Hatchback today and I loved it, it was so cute!
Dao Yang Nov 04, 2011
Ori those arent BBS. theyre ROTIFORM. ;)
Andrew Grimm Nov 04, 2011
Never got on the Roof rack band wagon. Not my style. A few cars don't look bad with them, but not something I would do to my car.
Ori Haviv Nov 04, 2011
BBS's make the ugliest cars look better
Spencer Peirce Nov 04, 2011
I just had dyslexia and read that as 'sticky dumps.' I thought, 'they package those?'
Patrick Kennedy Nov 04, 2011
Yup even though I wasnt alive, it looks like an interior from the 70s
Axel Cousins Nov 04, 2011
What the he'll are "Sticky Bumps"! Never heard of them and probably never again.
Shane Carroll Nov 04, 2011
This thing must have a beast of an engine. It's gone to Ludicrous Speed!
Leif Dahl Nov 04, 2011
Nice of u get stuck in traffic And havent had ur morning coffee
Spencer Peirce Nov 04, 2011
That's not the kind of grass that surfer was asking for..
Max Waite Nov 04, 2011
That turntable is a piece of crap
Ori Haviv Nov 04, 2011
This is like pimp my ride when exhibit finds out that the dude likes to surf. "We know you like to surf so we put a wheat grass dispenser in your trunk"