Comments - Tokyo 2011: Honda Micro Commuter Car Concept Arrives

Published: Nov 30, 2011
Description: Honda has just released their latest in a long line of concept cars at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. The Honda Micro Commuter Concept is certainly an innovative little EV designed specifically for city t...
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Paul Lissona Dec 01, 2011
Looks horrible, not like anything most people would want hopefully.
Blaire Quattro Dec 01, 2011
Small bench for TWO passengers. Not 3...
Sam Oglesby Nov 30, 2011
How are there 3 passengers if 1 is the driver
Description: Three may not seem like a lot, however for a car that is a half-foot shorter than a Smart fortwo, it is quite impressive. What's more is that it can fit the Honda Motor Compo inside it as well. A...
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Adam Baum Nov 30, 2011
Good: the all white wheels. Love them. Bad: those retarded wheel covers. Hate them.
Lewis Secor Nov 30, 2011
I can't stand the look of these dumb looking japenese cars, it's a shame
John Gomez Nov 30, 2011
looks like a toy car
Justin Mather Nov 30, 2011
This looks like something out of Tron.
Duncan Gibson Dec 03, 2011
Looks just like the rest
Trent Humphrey Nov 30, 2011
What would happen if you got hit be a truck...
Gurshran Hayer Nov 30, 2011
C the front 2 tires The whole front cover on the tires turn with the tire
Rob Cruickshank Dec 01, 2011
There's a wheelchair inside..... Futuristic.!
Andy Arana Nov 30, 2011
It has a smaller vehicle inside?