Comments - Tokyo 2011: Honda AC-X Plug-in Hybrid Concept

Published: Nov 30, 2011
Description: Honda is in the midst of debuting concept car after concept car at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. Their latest unveiling came in the form of a plug-in hybrid sedan dubbed the AC-X concept. The AC-X (Advan...
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Fred Anidem Dec 01, 2011
Does not even come close to a bmw. Its basically a stretched out civic.
Jonathan Hanks Dec 01, 2011
How does that look like a BMW?? The body shape is basically a newer Civic.
Adam Baum Nov 30, 2011
Really people? The body is so distinguishable as a Honda. BMW concepts are nearly all see through and balck, so I can't see where people could try and come from with similar windows or body. Either lump electric cars togehter, or see shut up.
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Nov 30, 2011
The exterior mood lighting is a very cool touch.
Clayton Corley Nov 30, 2011
Looks exactly Like the new BMW concepts
Description: Honda has also added some futuristic technology to its AC-X, equipping something called "automatic driving mode." Details of the new tech are scarce, however it is meant to reduce physical d...
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Description: The new Honda AC-X concept might be a pre-production version, as the Japanese automaker has already committed to releasing some plug-in hybrids in the forthcoming year. If this new sedan turns out to ...
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Mathiew Lacoursiere Nov 30, 2011
Or maybey its a concept and will probably never look like this
Adam Baum Nov 30, 2011
(cont.) purpose. I would expect Honda to be a little more practical. So why? Yes my question spanned two comments....
Adam Baum Nov 30, 2011
Question: Not to say that this is the first time I've seen it, but why have a back windshield angled so that you can hardly even see through it? Like behind the wheel of the Camaro (excuse my spelling?), the back windshiled serves virtually no
Nick Rios Nov 30, 2011
I'm down with the future
Fred Anidem Dec 01, 2011
iphone/ipod like that will never happen period. but i wish it did.
David Lopez Dec 01, 2011
U mean iPhone 10... Hopefully
David Rosenberg Nov 30, 2011
See-through iPhone 5!!! Lol