Comments - The Pickup Trucks of War During the Libyan Liberation

Published: Nov 30, 2011
Description: What do you get when you combine civilian-owned trucks, Soviet weaponry and a serious desire for rebellion? The weapons of the Arab Spring. These pedestrian pickups have been taken and modified by the...
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Duncan Gibson Dec 03, 2011
On dateline they showed the same truck like 10 times. Anyone else catch that?
Peter Bruschi Dec 01, 2011
i read many blogs, news sites, and magazines on cars... they overlap so much... i remember one time car and driver did a comparison and then road nd track did the same one a month later... lol
Trent Richard Benham Dec 01, 2011
I think he was just saying that it's kind of a random thing for two places to have
Marques Bigboi Johnson Nov 30, 2011
You can't copyright public it's everywhere go back to school kid.
Antonio Falsetti Nov 30, 2011
News is news. Channel 2 news shows the same news as channel 4, 5, 7, 9 and even newspapers and online news sites. What's your point?
Joel Hayes Nov 30, 2011
Isnt it amazing that top gear magazine also had an article on this?
Greg Lewis Dec 02, 2011
..... Till the poorly welded frame gives out! :)
Wissam Nasr Dec 01, 2011
This can be a new Toyota. They are still being made. U can buy them still in the middle east. They look exactly like this one
Patrick Schalk Dec 01, 2011
Oh the paintball gun was just a diversion and something for me to laugh at and make these guys look dumb. They didn't know I had a sniper about 300 yards away with a bead on them.
Jason Dannheim Dec 01, 2011
I love how casually dressed the one fella is, aside from the serial killer ski mask.
Payne Hodges Wilson Dec 01, 2011
@patrick the fact that you used a paintball gun as your weapon of choice makes me think that you could not In fact run circles around these guys
Mohammed Alsalmi Nov 30, 2011
This is actually a 2010 model , we have this in middle east and they are called the land cruiser pickup
Anthony Cordiale Nov 30, 2011
At least the truck is in good shape so it can pass inspection
Adam Sampson Nov 30, 2011
79 series landcruiser for the win!
Alexis Suarez Nov 30, 2011
No one can ever kill a Toyota (:
Hendrik Reimer Nov 30, 2011
Well... They freed their country with those guns and trucks. Try this wherever u life. One word in advance: fail ;)
Reid Huff Nov 30, 2011
Well the gun is anti air and that's probably as far down as it can go so yes I think somebody in a Nissan micra could even do it or a bicycle.
Patrick Schalk Nov 30, 2011
I bet I could literally run circles around this truck while shooting these guys with a paintball gun and they would never get a lock on me with that gun.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Nov 30, 2011
Wats amazing is I c no drop in rear height.
Miguel Blanco Nov 30, 2011
My pizza delivery guy ;)
Description: Muhammad and his unknown companions (in the previous photo) cruise around in a 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser (Japan-spec). It is coupled with a Soviet Zu-23-2 23mm anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannon. T...
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Hatem Abdullah Alsadoon Nov 30, 2011
The Toyota Land criusers u posted their photos are: 1- 2010 70 Series 2- 1983 60 Series The LC trucks is the Heviest Duty 4x4 pickup trucks ever made.
Patrick Schalk Dec 05, 2011
Dude you gotta use some punctuation or something. I can't understand ANYTHING you're saying.
Brahim Gudah Dec 03, 2011
But this dude really does have freakishly long legs he doesn't even look real
Brahim Gudah Dec 03, 2011
And have u ever heard of bombing a building with civilians protesting the airstrikes standing within 100 yards of it
Brahim Gudah Dec 03, 2011
It's like u don't realize that if America didn't want France and the uk to supply weapons they wouldnt have the us government was pushing to get rid of gadhafi
Brahim Gudah Dec 03, 2011
... I never said the US do u haters can stop jumping on me
Brahim Gudah Dec 03, 2011
My point... You can't just go in and get rid of a world leader because u disagree... And by we I mean the west that controls the world
Brahim Gudah Dec 03, 2011
Wanted him out because he disagreed with the fact that in the un a minority of European countiries and the us control everything and make the rules u guys gotta read up a bit gadhafi wasn't a bad person he did what he had to do
Mike Conrad Dec 02, 2011
Jar-Jar Binks on the back of that.
Greg Lewis Dec 02, 2011
Is that a comforter in the bed? For when grasshopper gets cold at night?
Majed Ameeri Dec 01, 2011
Dat dude looks scary
Clay Higdon Nov 30, 2011
That dudes legs are freaking me out.
Hendrik Reimer Nov 30, 2011
@ brahim. Ever thought of war reporters? And no, I don't think it was "f**ked up"...
Vincent Butler Nov 30, 2011
Lmfao Patrick. A "Grasshopper". Omg im about to Die. Hahahhahahaha
Thibault Leroy Nov 30, 2011
yea the US dident supply anything it was France and UK mostly
Anthony Noon Nov 30, 2011
That guy is frail! Harded to get shot I guess
Ken Madison Nov 30, 2011
We didn't supply them anything in terms of small arms. That was all EU countries. The FAL was a western European gun that was used mainly by Europeans until they sold of their surplus.
Buddy Robinson Nov 30, 2011
Yea that truck looks like its in great condition...
Patrick Schalk Nov 30, 2011
That dude is skinny! Look at his legs. Looks like a damn grasshopper in the back of the truck.
Abdulnasir AlMassloom Nov 30, 2011
Guy in the mask reminds me of the cover of Borderlands
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 30, 2011
I love the peace sign, yeah rite!!!
Joshua Trillizio Nov 30, 2011
Lots of duct-tape trust me
Description: Do Abdul and Walid are seen here in their Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty (USA). Packing some serious firepower, this is a pair many would loathe to mess with. The truck carries a LSD-1 anti-aircraft machin...
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Shane Jansen Nov 30, 2011
Haha these guys are awesome...
Ahmed Ben-Ghuzzi Aug 01, 2012
@Duncan Gibson , it is true ya dude, not a video game lol. you can go to libya yourself and see plenty stuff everywhere , the huge artillery here on this truck was used on hilocapters and mirage fighters , the fighters modified them to be used on trucks like these
Duncan Gibson Dec 03, 2011
This must be from a video game.
Clint Edwards Dec 01, 2011
New wallpaper right here
Sebastian Grey Dec 01, 2011
This is the best picture ever.
Patrick Schalk Dec 01, 2011
I really do think he's wearing a pirate hat from Joes Crab Shack. Peace Love Crabs. That's what my girlfriend says anyway. Her and her crabs (scratches groin)
Andrew Mullin Dec 01, 2011
Somehow i dont think that came standard
Jason Dannheim Dec 01, 2011
Geez, must be just as scary to fire some of those unguided rockets as it is to be fired on.
Clay Higdon Nov 30, 2011
Greatest aftermarket mods ever.
Alexis Suarez Nov 30, 2011
Ram trucks all the way!!
Kris Favole Nov 30, 2011
Yep. Better to have it break beyond repair just the one time.. Then it becomes a emplaced weapon!
Antonio Falsetti Nov 30, 2011
They chose the Ram over the Ford because when you're in the middle of a war zone in the middle of the desert the last thing you need is a truck breaking down everyday.
Bryan Wesly Pascual Nov 30, 2011
Good thing an F-150 isn't used. Too powerful for them
Callum Daly Nov 30, 2011
That's the way to do it
Shane Jansen Nov 30, 2011
This is nuts... Respect!
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 30, 2011
I've been looking at getting a ram for awhile now and this just sealed the deal I must have one now
Clint Edwards Nov 30, 2011
Need to get me one for my truck
Matt Robbins Nov 30, 2011
Hahahaha a Dodge commercial in the making
Jonathan Romero Nov 30, 2011
Dont F**** with daddy LOL
Miguel Blanco Nov 30, 2011
The guy with the RPG is a BOSS
Andrew Wright Nov 30, 2011
The captain got an upgrade
Alec Lindgren Nov 30, 2011
Ram 3500 FTW!!!!!!!!
Kyle Blank Nov 30, 2011
Hahaha that's great!
Christopher Murphy Nov 30, 2011
lmfao i think it is a pirate hat! hes even got the captain morgan pose xD
Alex Slo-Mo Miller Nov 30, 2011
Is it just me or is the guy in the bed look like he's wearing a pirate hat? Oh and yeah don't mess with that truck.
Jesse Demasi Nov 30, 2011
I'd be so scared to see some guy driving down the street with that, it would obliterate almost anything in its way
Stephen Cobbs Nov 30, 2011
Jeez that is some insane firepower.
Description: I Hammad and Safa, like In Walid, are utilizing the Tayo Grand Hiland from China and are also using a LSD-1 anti-aircraft machine gun on the base of a Vladimirov heavy machine gun. In Salah and Abdul ...
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Ahmed Ben-Ghuzzi Aug 02, 2012
@Sebastian Greythis , this is not a Toyota :D it is chinese made truck, check this link ;)
Sebastian Grey Dec 01, 2011
Someone needs to put a gun in the back of the Indestructible Toyota Hilux. First rebellion to do that will win every battle they ever fight!
Jason Dannheim Dec 01, 2011
I can't believe the truck doesn't just flip backwards when that thing goes off. Nothing on Toyota, it just seems probable.
Anthony Noon Dec 01, 2011
You don't have to have a $75k budget. At least upgrade the suspension. Even if you weld in blocks in the springs. It has to help with accuracy too. I'm sure that gun has some kick.
Clay Higdon Nov 30, 2011
I wanna see this thing fire.
Antonio Falsetti Nov 30, 2011
They flip a coin to see who drives the truck and who drives the gun.
Shane Jansen Nov 30, 2011
Yeah anthony cuz these guys have $75000 budget.... lol but wow that's a big gun for that truck
Anthony Noon Nov 30, 2011
Small bed and lacking rear suspension, Poor choice.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Dec 03, 2011
But u have to admit it looks like tow Mater :)
Mario Callirgos Dec 02, 2011
I am proud that I have those rights, and live in a country that I don't have to overthrow : ). Guns don't kill people, beasts with guns kill people.
Patrick Schalk Dec 02, 2011
Yeah Kex, cause that happens so often. Every weekend my neighborhood has a private war to see who can kill each other. That point is retarded.
KeX Lim Dec 02, 2011
And it always amuses me that there are Americans who are so proud of the fact that their neighbour can load up with enough weapons to massacre everyone in the neighbourhood in 5 minutes. How is that ever a good thing?
KeX Lim Dec 02, 2011
@Mario. The point I'm making (which you have missed completely) is that the Libyans are not rich. Is it any surprise that the Libyans are not well-armed?
Mario Callirgos Dec 02, 2011
It kinda does kex. I live in Cali so ya I am not armed as these guys but if I lived in Nevada I could potentially buy the latest military rifle as long as it is semiautomatic AK-47 to the FN2000 Same with pistols I THINK that was the point
Ken Madison Dec 01, 2011
No shit we have the most advanced military. I was saying our citizens are armed better than most of these countries armies.
Ken Madison Dec 01, 2011
Kex you have a real history of not being able to read. I said the PEOPLE. That means citizens taking advantage of the second amendment you moron.
Miguel Blanco Nov 30, 2011
@Ken Regard less of the age, guns kill, and I an pretty sure that WW2 guns can kill you
Tyson Broadbent Nov 30, 2011
Best one of the bunch, this is wicked!
Hendrik Reimer Nov 30, 2011
@ ken: why don't u try to take down your government? Bet u wouldn't stand a chance as a civilian vs the army... Nice job they did!!!
KeX Lim Nov 30, 2011
Just shut the hell up, Ken. How much does the US spend on each soldier? And how much do the Libyan rebels have? Is it any surprise that US troops are better armed, you ignorant fool?
Shane Jansen Nov 30, 2011
Haha anthony it actuallydoest look bad
Ken Madison Nov 30, 2011
What a miserable group of people. Old surplus Russian junk. A DP28 from around WWII? Look around, the American people are armed better than most other countries militaries when it comes to small arms...
Description: In Hammad wears a backwards cap and drives a Mitsubishi L200 4work (Japan). His truck also has a LSD-1 machine gun on a Vladimirov base. His blast shield is from the UK and was used back in 1914. Moam...
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Garrett Frye Dec 01, 2011
I usually would agree, but in this case the people's names start with "In" or "Do" or "I"
Robby Bradford Nov 30, 2011
Grammar sucks here carbuzz
Patrick Schalk Nov 30, 2011
Haha Joe Dirt: "I got the poo on me."
Thibault Leroy Nov 30, 2011
they sh** on the truck for camouflage?