Description: Somewhere on the streets of Russia, a couple of night racers have put together a home video of a series of drag races between a pair of well-matched supercars: the 530hp Nissan GT-R against the equall...
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Chris Penza Nov 03, 2011
Yea it's definitely km/h
Matty Michaels Nov 03, 2011
It's not 170 mph but km/h
Description: Clearly these guys were hitting 200mph plus as they speed past static-looking semi-trucks, but their acceleration times are hard to gauge. The Nissan should be making mincemeat of the Porsche off the ...
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Sean Mitchell Oct 11, 2012
The Guy in the GTR oveisly don't know how to drive. He could have killed out of the dig SMH....
Jhoan Koolin Delima Jan 20, 2012
The guy in the GT-R CLEARLY can not drive...
Chris 승우 Jung Nov 05, 2011
This guy with gtr sucks at driving.
Richard Collins Nov 03, 2011
gtr is 3x value. can't beat that dig.
Hunter Wolfe Nov 03, 2011
I think gtr should have one. Guy just can drive
Paul Pickard Nov 03, 2011
Would like to see what the rs would do in all that. Yes I know it's more horsepower than the gtr. Just curious.
Thibault Leroy Nov 03, 2011
man you gotta love the GTR's acceleration
Thibault Leroy Nov 03, 2011
i saw a GT2 yesterday :)
Ervis At Nov 03, 2011
Wtf, this is not a race this is one Russian dude with a gtr who don't know his car If I was behind the wheel of that gtr I would either win every race or lose every race to the same car. But I'd rather rake the 911 lol
Kenneth Williams Nov 03, 2011
I remember when I first GT2 in person. Fell in love. I just wanted to Jump inside
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 04, 2011
@shane I'm just curious but what do you consider the most prestigious brand?
Shane Heid Nov 03, 2011
Hahah cho nice and Porsche is far from the most prestigious brand
Cho Dan Nov 03, 2011
Nice Porsche. Sorry about your peni$.
KeX Lim Nov 03, 2011
As TG pointed out, telling people you drive a Nissan is just so not cool. Much better to be able to say that you drive a Porsche. That said, my perfect 2-car garage would be a 911 and a GT-R.
Faeez Saif Nov 03, 2011
Porche The most "PRESTIGIOUS" brand
Jack Higgins Nov 03, 2011
Porsche is 3x the price lol. I'm not dogging the porsche, but the GTR is great value.