Description: The DeeZee American Guardian 2011 Ford F-150 might be the ultimate vehicle in terms of versatility and law enforcement. Countries like Italy and England can boast the likes of Lamborghini and Lotus po...
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Cho Dan Nov 06, 2011
Riley, that's about the stupidest post I've ever seen.
Riley Seeholzer Nov 05, 2011
Its not a chevy so it's not American
Shane Gardner Nov 04, 2011
Out of all the crap customs to come out of SEMA this year, this isn't even the worst
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 04, 2011
Hahaha Ken that was pretty funny but to be fair you do a lot of trolling on the jap cars too
Josh Harvly Nov 03, 2011
More like the American embarrassment
Description: An AirRaid intake kit, Maganaflow exhaust and HyperTech Max Energy Tuner help give the powerful Ford truck some extra boost when it comes time to get down and dirty. It sits on a set of BMF wheels wra...
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Ted Fernandez Nov 04, 2011
Lol I think the giant eagle is just for the show, you know, to grab attention.
Shane Gardner Nov 04, 2011
Ride a bike and see who cares then.
Phil Johnson Nov 04, 2011
If I were a cop, I'd rather ride a bike than drive anything that has a giant eagle on it. TACKY.
Jethroll Sarduy Nov 04, 2011
I think Captain America wants his truck back!
Ken Madison Nov 03, 2011
Josh, we all now you want to impress the boys at the club in a big manly truck. Just be honest. By the way, your syntax and grammar was horrible.
Josh Harvly Nov 03, 2011
I gotta get me wonna them pick up trucks so I can bring home the groceries an look like the worlds biggest red neck
Samantha Faith Willard Nov 03, 2011
Now this is my kind of truck
Robby Bradford Nov 03, 2011
This thing is mad sick
Stephen Ishard Nov 03, 2011
this is cool but it seems kinda useless in the long run
Andy Kleschick Nov 03, 2011
yeah they probably should've used a raptor, but hey as long as it gets crazy large power uppage and a completely sick redesign... Amurica FTW!!!
David James Ludloff Nov 03, 2011
Rad...but they should have used a raptor!
Scott Lenahan Nov 03, 2011
ridiculous but pretty BA lol
Luis Lujan Nov 03, 2011
I would instantly begin swerving and speeding if I saw this near me, just to get pulled over by it. Then I would punch the cop so I could take a ride in it.
Robby Bradford Nov 03, 2011
Yeah if it was all black and only used at night it would be pretty good
Andy Kleschick Nov 03, 2011
i have to admit, the eagle on the side detracts from the overall appeal, they should've made that the emblem for it. and then they would hopefully bring out a civilian version of this later on in like 2013.
Edith Wharton Nov 05, 2011
Lol ipads are great for games but actual work they suck
Leif Dahl Nov 04, 2011
Well that is since they are on the computer well driving
Leif Dahl Nov 04, 2011
Wow I think that the cops should get the distracted driving law too
David Eslava Nov 04, 2011
Shane Gardner Nov 04, 2011
Cops don't get iPads...
Robby Bradford Nov 03, 2011
Good luck reaching the dash or cupholders
Raymond Reynoso Nov 03, 2011
Looks like 1983 in there. Should've just installed an iPad or something.