Description: Wald International has already released its smooth Black Bison version or the soon-to-be retired R230 Mercedes-Benz SL. The Japanese tuners have just showed up to the 2011 SEMA Show with a new model, ...
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Description: The rear also has rear vents along with roof and deck spoilers and an integrated diffuser. Royal Mufflers also provided a quad-exhaust system for the Mercedes coupe. The whole aftermarket program sits...
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Kenneth Williams Nov 04, 2011
I was thinking that but kept it to myself. Just hoped he would notice that it's not
Alex Sharp Nov 04, 2011
@Chris Its weird then that the car has a wald badge on the back of it 👎
Josh Vanderdoelen Nov 03, 2011
i love how its not a 458
Miguel Longoria Nov 03, 2011
Needs less decals...
Chris Kuyumdzhyan Nov 03, 2011
This thing is wrapped with orange. It's sick, I know the guys who did it, and it's not wald. Lol
Vince Cassi Nov 03, 2011
First thing I notice in this picture - the 458 next to it!
Miftah Rasheed Amir Nov 03, 2011
Mercs should be either silver, white or black. None else. At least in my opinion.
David Eslava Nov 03, 2011
you could just posibly drive this if your monthly income came from drug-dealing...
Callum Daly Nov 03, 2011
The wheels are a bit much for a merc
Jordan Smith Nov 03, 2011
Looks good, but I don't think I would ever do that to a Benz.
Axel Cousins Nov 03, 2011
I want the Benz and 458 with that blonde girl next to the 458
Scott Lenahan Nov 03, 2011
those rims look awesome
Kenneth Williams Nov 03, 2011
This orangeReminds me to much of the M3 GTS
Joel Hayes Nov 03, 2011
I want the 458 next to it!
Kenneth Williams Nov 04, 2011
That's what the F is for
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 04, 2011
@Daniel You've got GREAT eyes cuz all I c r exhaust tips, not mufflers.
Daniel Hendrickson Nov 03, 2011
The mufflers look good
Garrett Keller Nov 03, 2011
Awesome how those rims stick out
Matt Herbert Nov 03, 2011
ugly how the rims stick out