Comments - SEMA 2011: Refreshed Mazda MX-5 Super20 Presented

Published: Nov 03, 2011
Description: When presented at last year's SEMA event, the Super20 marked 20 years of the Mazda MX-5 in the U.S. This year it has been given a modest sprucing and a tougher look, with the most notable change...
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Description: The Hyper Orange Mica with black accents may be new but the 16-inch Enkei twin-spoke racing wheels remain. The roll bar has been color-matched with the exterior and contrasts well with the black leath...
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Christine Morris Nov 04, 2011
I definitely appreciate the updates to the body - sportier, a little more edgy - big plus. I've always heard mixed reviews on these little guys though. Sweet color combo.
Shane Heid Nov 03, 2011
Miatas are not that fast at all, and I really don't like the look
Jordan Smith Nov 03, 2011
It doesn't look girly, but from the rep it has I still wouldn't wanna be caught driving it.
Shane Carroll Nov 03, 2011
I'd hit the backroads and drive the hell outta that thing
Dan Rather Nov 03, 2011
If you go to a track you can watch the girly car fly by you. Those miatas are crazy momentum cars once they get up to speed they just stay there
Andy Arana Nov 03, 2011
I like the color combo.
Frederick Perez Nov 03, 2011
Awesome! Miatas are blast to drive!
Ken Madison Nov 03, 2011
It still looks Girly as hell, but a massive improvement! Good progress Mazda.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Nov 03, 2011
Looks like something an Asian girl would ride in Tokyo Drift. MX-5's are always girly.
Alex Cameron Nov 03, 2011
Hey now, that's not half bad!
Jairo Garcia Nov 03, 2011
Nice, way better looking than the boxer spider look alike
Pierre E Jean Nov 03, 2011
Looks like its smiling
Christine Morris Nov 04, 2011
@Shawn I'd have to agree with you
Shawn Griffith Nov 03, 2011
I wish Mazda would option these out as fastbacks.
Clayton Corley May 11, 2012
That's the thing about some people they say they fit a big ol engine in a tiny car and expect it to work
Jerry Cole Mar 18, 2012
So where you gonna fit that big boy?
Ken Madison Nov 03, 2011
I'd rock a LS6 Miata. Push that LS6 to about 500 HP and 490 ft lbs NA and FLY
Jonathan Bowen Nov 03, 2011
Flyin Miata is a huge Miata-specific aftermarket tuning company. Turbo kits, V8 swaps, you name it.
Ken Madison Nov 03, 2011
Not too impressive probably, no torque, revving too high, the usual.
Shane Carroll Nov 03, 2011
Wonder what the numbers are
Ken Madison Nov 03, 2011
It's supposed to be a mild performance car, the interior should be your last concern.
Shane Carroll Nov 03, 2011
It is cheap, but then again this is a cheap car made with driving in mind
Nick Mitchell Nov 03, 2011
I know I am going to start an argument, but that interior is just too cheap for me
Michael Wilson Nov 03, 2011
i lije the way the roll cage looks back there