Comments - SEMA 2011: Honda Accord Coupe V6 HFP Concept

Published: Nov 03, 2011
Description: Doubtless the Civic is Honda's bread and butter at SEMA this year, but the Japanese automaker also used the event to showcase a full suite of their currently-available HFP (Honda Factory Performa...
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Joshua Weinschreider Dec 27, 2011
Must be a tiny supercharger
Jack Howard Dec 05, 2011
Its a preference from up to about 300 hp
Mike Nembhard Nov 04, 2011
You didn't just say that. A preference, Are u serious?
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 04, 2011
People need to stop arguing over fwd or rwd it's just a preference people
Scott Gracey Nov 04, 2011
Realistically with makers putting bigger and faster V6 in cars almost every large sedan is gonna need to be RWD or AWD, Nissan maxima has 290 to the fronts, next gen will prolly have over 300
Clark Thompson Nov 03, 2011
Why does it say HPD on the car in the previous picture if it is HFP???
Zachary Maurer Nov 03, 2011
Did u see the 2008 that I used
Zachary Maurer Nov 03, 2011
Ya the old ones, the newest generation was front wheel drive, they kept that when they made the limited production in 08
Alexander Ovechkin Nov 03, 2011
Impala was RWD buddy are you kidding??
Zachary Maurer Nov 03, 2011
@renan, the 2008 impala ss was front wheel drive, and had like 400 hp
Yasser Abdelhalim Nov 03, 2011
Horrible numbers they could have easily push a little more pressure out of the super charger for, and got way higher numbers ! 350z has 300 stock and it's a 3.5 litter come on! Honda wtf is this ?
Scott Gracey Nov 03, 2011
I agree, should beRWD if not AWD
Alex Sharp Nov 03, 2011
I owned a mazdaspeed 3 and only got bad torque steer once, and it was my own fault.
Renan Barreto Nov 03, 2011
335hp to the front wheels sounds foolish. It would certantly get my vote if it were to be RWD. I couldn't image how much torque steer and under steer that you would likely get in this. The Mazda speed3 is already terrible at times.
Description: Gauging customer interest in the performance potential of the Accord Coupe was Honda's main intent in bringing the modified vehicle to SEMA, and there are no current production plans for the conc...
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Hamza Hamid Nov 03, 2011
I hope they do bring it.. After my sedan, i know what I'm getting :)
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 04, 2011
I would too but u gotta admit it's still a good looking car.
Christine Lau Nov 03, 2011
I take the Genesis Coupe over this any day!
Juan Ceja Nov 03, 2011
The 2009 HFP body looks better.
Mohammed A Nour Nov 03, 2011
Nothing unusual in its design...
Chad Lemmers Nov 03, 2011
I need some of those stick on spoilers 4 my magnum sweat
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 04, 2011
Honda Performance Development. It's the name they sometimes give to their performance car concepts.
Riley Di Pol Nov 04, 2011
Y does it say HPD???
David Smash Martinez Feb 15, 2012
what type of super charger is this? And how do i get it?