Description: The ARK Performance Hyundai Veloster has just made its debut at the 2011 SEMA Show. As previously reported on CarBuzz, the stock model runs a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine that puts out a pedestrian 138...
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Description: "The Hyundai Veloster is an ideal car for enthusiasts with its distinctive design and dynamic architecture," said Ted Lee, owner, ARK Performance Inc. "At SEMA, our ARK Performance Velo...
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Andy Arana Nov 03, 2011
It's a good looking hatchback.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Nov 03, 2011
Sporty, quirky, futuristic. Not my style, but good in its own genre.
Eddie Harper Nov 03, 2011
Hyundai is stepping their game up I like it!
Zachary Maurer Nov 03, 2011
Is this classified as a ricer
John Rosenberg Nov 03, 2011
I can't tell if I like this car but there seems to be a lot of BUZZ about it
Stephen Ishard Nov 04, 2011
it would look so much better if it werent outlined in green
Vince DeMasi Nov 03, 2011
@tyson yeah that's the only thing I don't like the front and some parts of the back
Kev Berkel Nov 03, 2011
@nick yeah man it's tall enough to be a 4x4. For a production concept that's understandable.. But for a SEMA model.. I can only expect this thing to have 10" of wheel gap when it comes out
Tyson Broadbent Nov 03, 2011
I like most of it, just not the face. It just looks gay.
Ariel Soto Del Valle Nov 03, 2011
Actually is not that tall at all in person, but like you, I'm not a fan of the short-stop wheel flares either.
Nick Benz Nov 03, 2011
Its really tall. And the wheel arches stop??? Whats up with that?
Sebastian Grey Nov 03, 2011
Oh, I love the way that wing hugs the rear.
Dennis Rech Nov 03, 2011
I'd say it's less than 6 inches off the ground. I realize you may have been exaggerating to make a point but the body is 1/4 up the wheel. If it were a foot high the wheels and tires would be 4 foot tall. Illusion based on photo angle.
Kev Berkel Nov 03, 2011
It almost reminds me of an Infiniti q45 or something. There's very little wheel gap but the body is still almost a foot off the ground. It's weird.
Raymond Reynoso Nov 03, 2011
That's a huge wing. Kind of dumb
Tyson Broadbent Nov 03, 2011
Not a fan of Alcantara, prefer normal leather.
Joseph Tomb Nov 03, 2011
Honda also has seats so those must be honda seats too.
Matt Moynahan Nov 03, 2011
Have fun getting in that with the way the roll cage is designed
Vince DeMasi Nov 03, 2011
My gf has a Honda same steering wheel
Raymond Reynoso Nov 03, 2011
Looks like a Honda steering wheel
Luke Walker Nov 03, 2011
Is that a GM steering wheel?
Michael Bichay Nov 03, 2011
Damn gotta admit that's a nice interior
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 04, 2011
Hyundai didnt build this car a tuning company built it or them don't bash the Hyundai for the tuners stupidity
Tanner Middleton Nov 03, 2011
no thats actualy a rim ( dumb spot though) the subs are right behind the seats u can see them a bit in this pic. the rims mount kinda looks like a sub though i can see where ur coming from.
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 03, 2011
Sebastian is right that's a sub.
Sebastian Grey Nov 03, 2011
I think that may be a sub designed to look like a tyre.
Jimmy Nordloh Nov 03, 2011
What is functional about it? It adds a massive amount of weight, and would never be useful. "Flat tire on the racetrack, guess I'll just change it here in the middle of the track instead of pitting it." It's just for looks.
Joseph Tomb Nov 03, 2011
Its supposed to have a race car feel do it doesn't really need to be pretty, just functional.
Zachary Maurer Nov 03, 2011
At first I thought that was some kind is stero system, now that I see a spare tire, it's a stupid spot for one, they don't even cover it up