Description: Hyundai have come to SEMA packing a host of Velosters, and following our report on the ARK Performance, we have a trio of Velosters by RE:MIX to share. Designed by RIDES Magazine the cars reflect musi...
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Ray Morris Nov 03, 2011
Specialty equipment manufacturer association
Nicholas Britt Nov 03, 2011
Sorry to ask guys, but what does SEMA stand for?
Stephen Cobbs Nov 03, 2011
Soo much Kia/Hyundai news this week Carbuzz.
Description: Onboard entertainment is clearly the thrust of the tuning job and the 40-inch LED 3D TV, Xbox360, video game holder, and two 7-inch monitors molded in the rear seat back make this sporty ride a gamer&...
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Aj TheDark Artist Nov 04, 2011
That's the one for me. A music lovers dream.
Description: Finally we have the RE:MIX Technology Veloster that has an understated BASF Alpine White exterior, smoked taillights & reflectors, LED puddle lights, and a host of White interior features includin...
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Josh Phillis Jul 30, 2015
I think this car is epic
Jordan Smith Nov 03, 2011
I think this is one good looking car. Good job Hyundai.
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 04, 2011
Hyundai, you're definitely stepping your game up!!!
Christine Lau Nov 03, 2011
This white Veloster likes really nice!!!