Description: The Fiat 500 B-Spec racer from Road Race Motorsports is one fearsome little hatchback. The heavily-customized Italian track car has been totally stripped for weight and its engine has been tweaked for...
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Christine Morris Nov 04, 2011
It's decently bigger than a smart actually. Not a bad car, not my fav obviously
Matt Robbins Nov 04, 2011
Of all the little cars, this is my favorite next to the Cooper
Eddie Harper Nov 03, 2011
It's still a tiny car. Maybe a little bigger than a smart car.
Description: Some motorsport accoutrements have been added as well to help the driver, including a timing controller, Drew Tech GPS and Track mapping system and a Zeitronix Data logging system. Back to the chassis...
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Description: Check out Road Race Motorsports' customized Fiat 500 B-Spec racer and make your opinion heard about the latest entrant to the B-Class racing series. Photos courtesy Autoguide.
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Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 04, 2011
@anthony I know thats what that abarth's 0-60 is but it also has the same hp numbers as this and there isn't that much weight reduction done for this model compared to the abarth so the 0-60 on this can't be that much better
Anthony Calderaro Nov 03, 2011
@payne this car doesn't go 0-60 in 7+ seconds, Andrew's saying that the street legal Abarth does.
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 03, 2011
I know that power to weight is a huge factor of acceleration I'm a big believer in it. but a 7+ second 0-60 is not very fast at all especially from a "race" version. Heck my old liberty had just as fast of a 0-60.
Andrew Grimm Nov 03, 2011
Do Not need alot of power to go fast. Weight is one of the main factors in acceleration.
Andrew Grimm Nov 03, 2011
Well the Abarth with 133 hp gets to 62 in 7.9 seconds and it weights less than 2200 lbs. That is super light and pretty fast for "that little of power." that is what Lamborghini is trying to get people to realize. If you have a super light car, you
Joseph Tomb Nov 03, 2011
Believe it or not but just the stock ones are pretty peppy and I think the only have 101hp
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 03, 2011
And with only 133hp that limit won't be very high it still has a little too much weight for that little amount of power
Thomas Opie Taylor Nov 03, 2011
I my self would race it to the limit ,