Description: PM Lifestyle is known as 'a leader in creative innovation and digital media distribution in the automotive industry.' They have recently teamed up with Hyundai to create a slick-looking Velo...
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Description: Build Coordinator of PM Lifestyle spoke on the merits of the Veloster, saying "The Veloster is the perfect platform for enthusiasts looking to make everyday modifications to their vehicles and fo...
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Aj TheDark Artist Nov 04, 2011
I really do like this car. Just wish it was more powerful.
Elmer Steed Nov 07, 2011
Holy hell! The entire back of this car is so frickin ugly
Josiah Thomas Clements Nov 07, 2011
Love the color of the seats! It's a nice change from black...
Joseph Tomb Nov 03, 2011
Looks like they forgot to put the shifter cover on.
Alexa Irene Nov 06, 2011
Love the upgrades but their color combinations? Not as good..
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 04, 2011
Yeah that's hot. Absolutely perfect idea.
Eddie Harper Nov 03, 2011
This is a convenient upgrade. I love the tool box idea.