Description: The annual SEMA Show usually contains its fair share of offbeat, one-of-a-kind and interesting vehicles that no-one would ever really drive or produce. Usually they come from individual tuning compani...
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Description: We could elaborate on the technology fitted into this Kia Soul, like the 26-inch LED TV fitted in the back which is connected to an Xbox 360 and Kinect system for a virtual driving range. Heck, we cou...
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Tom Ji Nov 30, 2011
Kia has better design than ford , Honda, and Toyota !!!
Patrick Schalk Nov 06, 2011
Haha A LOT of people buy Jeeps.
Zachary Maurer Nov 04, 2011
And Patrick, that's like me saying, who buys jeeps?
Joe Adamian Nov 04, 2011
This app is great for the pictures, articles, and videos. As for the comments wow did anyone ever teach people If they have nothing nice to say keep it to themselves. I don't own a KIA but they have come a long way and make great vehicles. I also agree with Jenni.
Connor Cruickshank Nov 04, 2011
I did a KIA pop art with this picture.
Shane Gardner Nov 04, 2011
I would give her the business atleast.
Patrick Schalk Nov 04, 2011
Who actually buys Kias?
Jenni Boden Nov 03, 2011
How much did Kia get in bailout money?
Michael Gallagher Nov 03, 2011
Awsome. The color scheme and pictures are fantastic. The only thing that sucks is that is is a Kia. Lol. What a stupid car company with such rubbish cars.
Patrick Schalk Nov 03, 2011
If this isn't a stereotypical Asian car I don't know what is.
Joey Beckham Nov 03, 2011
Another 5 seconds of caring and west coast customs may have been able to put a straightened bracket on that tv. I miss the days when people had pride in the work they put out.
Austin Bride Nov 03, 2011
Awesome rear visibility
Rick Smiley Jan 24, 2012
IMHO, I think WCC did a great job on this Soul, and I also think they do a fantastic job on all the cars they do.
Michael Gallagher Nov 03, 2011
Blue and pink kinda clash..
Kenneth Williams Nov 03, 2011
Pretty cool for what it is.