Description: Yesterday's big announcement of Maybach being replaced by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has created quite a stir in the automotive world. We have just received the first video of the new German sedan...
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Description: The Mercedes flagship sedan will receive six variants as the S-Class range will undergo a complete redesign. Two rumored models are a four-door convertible and a long-wheelbase model.
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Shane Jansen Nov 29, 2011
Yeh but if you browse ahead in the article you can clearly see that it does Infact have one
Mitch Pchelarov Nov 29, 2011
It's a European prototype which only requires 1 reverse light, it doesn't really need 2
Shane Jansen Nov 29, 2011
Lol first couple seconds and it already has 1 reverse light out... Do they not mind the cameras? It looks as of they intentionally drove around anybody with a camera lol.
Quinn Anderson Nov 29, 2011
They actually have a concept of a 4-door conv. Merc it's amazing!
Knox Ferraro Nov 29, 2011
Omg PLEASE make the 4 door convertible!
Shafeer Shady Rishad Nov 29, 2011
The excellent camo shows they have a masterpiece in store
Nick Benz Nov 29, 2011
Thats some really good camo.
Paul Lissona Dec 11, 2011
It's big enough though ha.
Bob Thebuilder Nov 30, 2011
Doesn't look as long as the maybach , not even the 57
Brett Lamborghini Day Nov 30, 2011
Im gonna miss maybach