Description: In light of the recent anxieties over potential fires in the Chevy Volt's battery, GM wants to reassure owners by offering a free replacement of their current Volt if they feel uncomfortable with...
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Wouter Van Der Berg Dec 05, 2011
Why don't they just leave this company and its products to die already... It's one uncompetitive product after another, one financial crises after another...
Bryan Wesly Pascual Nov 30, 2011
Reminds me of Axlerod
Scott Gracey Nov 29, 2011
I guess if you've only sold 100 of them then it's pretty easy to replace them all and inexpensive aswell
Stephen Cobbs Nov 29, 2011
Oh ok. I thought that they were just spontaneously combusting. Now it makes sense.
Kevin Rehbock Nov 29, 2011
I just found out that while my vehicle is not a Chevy Volt, it is filled with a flammable liquid! I am fearing for my life! Loan me a car or I'll sue!
Lee Cascio Nov 29, 2011
So the government funded the development and marketing of this monstrosity and now another arm of that same government is checking the safety and reliability of said vehicle..conflict of interest?
Description: None of the fires happened while drive or after an accident, but only during and after crash testing the cars and their batteries packs in a controlled situation. Mary Barra explained that the first V...
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Brahim Gudah Dec 03, 2011
And if they go into production which is still a maybe
Brahim Gudah Dec 03, 2011
But that new jag cx16 will blow it away all day but that's if u can afford one
Brahim Gudah Dec 03, 2011
Haters... The volts not a monstrosity at least it's not a Prius
Ben Koch Nov 30, 2011
How do you drain a battery without driving?
Bull Dogone Dec 03, 2011
I've driven the Volt twice @ GM sponsored events and it was an amazing car. Not sporty, but because of the battery packs underneath, one of the best riding cars I've ever been in. Just unnerving to drive something completely silent.
Description: Following those events, GM developed a process to depower batteries following an accident and these new procedures will be distributed to dealerships and mechanics who handle or store vehicles after s...
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Description: Barra also correctly pointed out that battery safety doesn't only conern the Volt alone, as there are many other popular vehicles that utilize lithium-ion batteries, so there will be extensive re...
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Ben Koch Nov 30, 2011
@Brett Agreed. Other electric vehicles/hybrids look like the designer had to try and make them ugly.
Brett Lamborghini Day Nov 29, 2011
The only manly electric car
Alex Klemstein Nov 29, 2011
Alanis Morissette two below me.
Garrett Frye Nov 29, 2011
It does have a gas engine too, so not really ironic
Brennon Aucoin Nov 29, 2011
I saw one of these at a gas station, how ironic.
Lewis Secor Nov 29, 2011
I wish they put more time working on the back part of the car
Miguel Blanco Nov 29, 2011
@Jeff It will look the best until the Porsche 918 comes out
Jeff Bayura Nov 29, 2011
Its the best looking electric/gas car to date
Kevin Rehbock Nov 29, 2011
It's ugly no matter what time of day it is...
Zachary Maurer Nov 29, 2011
When you see this car at night, it's uglyer