Description: This week's edition of Drag Race Tuesdays takes place on the highway and pits a Lamborghini Gallardo vs. the BMW E60 M5. The stock Italian supercar appears to have a serious challenge on its hand...
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Karl Enemark Dec 01, 2011
M5 is barely tuned. No FI, so same HP as Lamborghini but weighs 4041lbs. Second race is close but both only show M5's extra weight and drag coefficient. M5's v10 is still better.
Adenis AK Ruci Nov 29, 2011
Ok cool. Just think how much money these cars cost. And they're host blowing it away like this (y)
Bob Thebuilder Nov 29, 2011
Robert himler has a gallardo, and his dad has one (this is his dads) DoctaM3 has the Aventador
Adenis AK Ruci Nov 29, 2011
Andrew I though he already had an aventador. Correct me if I'm wrong but he had a video of the car being unloaded fresh from the back of the truck?
Andrew Grimm Nov 29, 2011
Robert is the man. Has an Audi R8, and an UnderGround Racing Gallaro! He said his next car he will be getting is the Aventador. Can not wait until UR tunes that car.
Description: It runs on a V10 engine and this particular sedan has been augmented through the use of an Eisenmann race exhaust, H&R suspension, RPI scoops and BMC filters amongst other things. The Gallardo, on...
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Jesse Weis Dec 27, 2011
I love the M5, but it just isnt in the same league as that, well any laborghini really
Tim Steinruck Dec 15, 2011
I love it when Italians beat Germans :D
statusone Dec 02, 2011
"Oh, I know, lets take 2 cars where one is a supercar and other just a car and see which one is faster" Lol its like they are comparing penis size and the smaller guy claims to be bigger
Dezmon Bold Dec 02, 2011
Gallardo is a gallardo no matter wut!!
Dexter Cordero Nov 30, 2011
Well the BMW seats 5 and has a spacious boot.
Bob Thebuilder Nov 30, 2011
No Tanner, this is his dads - its stock
Tanner Middleton Nov 30, 2011
this is a joke, if u wanted the gallardo to race against a sedan they should have matched it against the brabus rocket.
Tyler Storm Hollis Nov 30, 2011
Isn't That's Robert's twin turbo 1100hp Gallardo.
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 30, 2011
They could have put the lambo against a cobalt and the results would have been basically the same
Vincent Butler Nov 30, 2011
Hey hey hey radio flyer! I Remember having one. Lolol
Micah Lau Nov 30, 2011
"And coming on next week's Drag Race Tuesdays feature, the epic battle between the Bugatti Veyron SS and a lame child on a Radio Flyer tricycle."
Danny Tran Nov 29, 2011
Put a new tuned M5 or maybe a actually tuned M6 against that lambo instead!
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Nov 29, 2011
There were no performance parts put to the engine on the m5 so how was it tuned?
Frederick Perez Nov 29, 2011
No match! How about M5 vs Mercedes E63
Matt Sartori Nov 29, 2011
I really dont like BMW, but that M5 is sexy.
Clark Thompson Nov 29, 2011
Wow, terrible. So uneven from the start. A Lambo against a 4 door BMW? WTF?? So much for "Drag Race Tuesday"
Patrick Schalk Nov 29, 2011
Meh. Get some more exciting cars.
Bob Thebuilder Nov 29, 2011
It's stock! It's Roberts dads car in Pittsburgh, Robert lives in Miami
Dylan Bures Nov 29, 2011
I dont think thats a stock lambo, look at those big exhausts.
Jeff Osborn Nov 29, 2011
Quite an epic video though
Adenis AK Ruci Nov 29, 2011
No it is not. To me it looks like the underground racing Lamborghini with some fat ass exhausts
Alex Santaspirt Nov 29, 2011
That Lamborghini is not stock.
Jerry Townsend Nov 29, 2011
Lol, I really was expecting to see the Lambo, that was funny...
Max Waite Nov 29, 2011
Holy crap that guy's last name is Himler... I would have changed that back in 1945
Brent Cairns Nov 29, 2011
how about I drive on that road daily
David Agius Nov 29, 2011
I didn't think it would be that easy to predict seeing the M5 was tuned. I think stock the M5 Is about 370KW and the Lamborghini about 410KW. The weight of the M3 was a bit too much I guess.
Mario Callirgos Nov 29, 2011
Rematch. Gallardo vs. Dinan M5
David Harris Nov 29, 2011
Wow that was a stupid race.. The BMW is heavy .. The Lamborghini would of coarse win..
Nick Rios Nov 29, 2011
I drove 06 M5 stock. Fast but just way to heavy. Alot of fun tho
Stephen Cobbs Nov 29, 2011
Dang I thought it would be close. That wasnt even close.
Paul Gladman Nov 29, 2011
i've seen a stock m5 and m6 take a stock gallardo before on a 60mph start. maybe it was the driver
Aaron Barker Nov 29, 2011
Seemed....staged? To me
Shane Jansen Nov 29, 2011
Wow that was... Easy to predict? lol
Vito Portanova Nov 29, 2011
What a stupid race. A every day sport sedan 4 doors! vs a high performance 2 door drive once a month sports car?! I don't even think that m5 was trying.
Vincent Butler Nov 29, 2011
Of course it would get crushed are u retarded
Chris Penza Nov 29, 2011
I knew it would crush the m5
Bader Al-Ramadhan Nov 29, 2011
lambo is the best (in this race ) o_
Parker Lamoreaux Nov 29, 2011
Not even close. Did those mods even provide gains? LOL
Shane Jansen Nov 29, 2011
Lol the Beamer looks like it doesn't even have tires or rims