Description: In the quest for a greener planet, Mercedes-Benz has taken on the challenge of turning one of the main culprits in gas-guzzling transportation into a cleaner and more eco-friendly mode of industry. Du...
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Justin Harris Dec 11, 2011
Yeah that's not the point. Your taking it too literal. Its not like I'm making it as fast as a bugatti veyron, but it would use less energy for more speed, meaning the fuel efficiency increased. The only use a faster trailer truck would have is if it was on the autobahn.
Miguel Blanco Nov 30, 2011
Why would you want to make trucks fast. I think they are made to move stuff, not exactly break world records
Justin Harris Nov 29, 2011
I'm not saying that the truck has to be 90 feet long. I'm just saying that the car could add maybe 4 feet in length just to fit a teardrop shape or maybe less depending on how close the driver is to the windows. You'd only lose so much space for the trailer but the efficiency included with both the truck and this trailer would drastically save fuel for whoever is paying to haul it. And on my last ...
Biswajyoti Das Nov 29, 2011
Future trucks should have a nose like the bullet train. Mack and Peter built, take my advice and prove the Germans wrong.
Emil Kleijsen Nov 29, 2011
That truck has a diffuser, 'nuff Said!
Shane Gardner Nov 29, 2011
Most euro trucks are flat front in order to have the longest trailer possible.
Shane Jansen Nov 28, 2011
@Tasho makes sense, lol ty
Biswajyoti Das Nov 28, 2011
Optimus Primes German cousin!!!!
Timathy Dorman Nov 28, 2011
I like how the Benz logo is as big as the steering wheel.
Avery Williams Nov 28, 2011
Love it; the front of the truck looks totally evil!!!
Michael Kozlowski Nov 28, 2011
a koenigsegg also doesn't haul a couple tons in a trailer across a country..
Marques Bigboi Johnson Nov 28, 2011
Justin try it... Who know you might change the world
Igor Natsioks Nov 28, 2011
FYI the truck has to have the shortest wheels base possible to carry the longest trailer possible so that's why they are flat faced. Also to manouver
Justin Harris Nov 28, 2011
Why do trailer truck companies try so hard to increase the aerodynamic efficiency of a truck when the answer is straight In front of them? The most aerodynamic shape for average car or supercar speeds is the teardrop (Notice the cockpit shape of Koenigsegg cars). Just change the part of a railed truck that faces the most wind! THE TRUCK ITSELF! Then focus on stuff like trailers. Besides that that ...
Ryu Tsuchiya Nov 28, 2011
This should be the next Optimus Prime!!
Adenis AK Ruci Nov 28, 2011
I'm no truck expert but just this bumper must be very aerodynamic in its design. And this is one sexy looking truck. Beast
Miftah Rasheed Amir Nov 28, 2011
Mercedes can make almost everything look better by putting its logo on it.
V8monster Nov 28, 2011
I like the idea tht mercedes came up with
Devin Babyn Nov 28, 2011
Cabovers have better aerodynamics then modern semis
Shane Jansen Nov 28, 2011
Because a flat front is so aerodynamic...
Description: It is also said to reduce fuel consumption by about 5 percent. The longer total length will require government approval, however, as it is a half-yard too long to currently be considered street-legal....
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Jonathan Fowler Nov 29, 2011
Don't confuse low MPGs with inefficient. You're not going to get 20 mpg when you have an 80,000lb load. For the weight of the vehicles and their cargo, they are efficient.
Michael Beach Nov 29, 2011
These tractor trailers can see much more efficiency simply with an overhaul of their aerodynamics. It's stupid that the vehicles that drive the most are the least efficient
Randy Geniec Nov 29, 2011
I see aftermarket potential for side skirts like 22" spinners! suweet
Description: The basis for the program "is the fuel consumption of the new Mercedes-Benz Actros, which is proven to be more than seven percent lower than its predecessor model, itself recognized as being frug...
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BigJohn Trucking Dec 16, 2011
There's an American Company, ATDynamics ( ) that already has a commercial product that saves 6% fuel: The Trailertail (what Mercedes is prototyping). Perhaps, Mercedes should team up with ATDynamics since they already have a proven commercial product already streamlining thousands of non-aerodynamic trailers?... FYI - In the US there is a law to allow for a 5 foot aerodynamic exte...
Jerry Kingdon Nov 30, 2011
It's also for overseas... All trucks are can overs, they have over all length laws
Duncan Gibson Nov 29, 2011
Making the cab less vertical would make a bigger difference.
Nicolas Pons Nov 28, 2011
Imagine The trailer hovering, that would be sweet
Jimmy Atkinson Nov 28, 2011
You can see the lines where the panel pops out over the wheels
Alex Klemstein Nov 28, 2011
That whole side skirt thing probably detaches.
Bob Thebuilder Nov 28, 2011
How do you change the tire?
Nick Mitchell Nov 30, 2011
This is a drawing, or computer simulation
Shane Jansen Nov 28, 2011
@Kevin the other few pictures have mirrors, not quite sure what happened here...
Colin Dzendolet Nov 28, 2011
Mind you, Kevin, this is a rendering, actual truck does have mirrors, this isn't the only picture of it
Jesse Tice Nov 28, 2011
No mirrors because 2011, do you trust backup cameras/side view and blind spot cameras? Because do have.
Kevin Rehbock Nov 28, 2011
Trucks I can trust? I don't trust it that much if it doesn't have mirrors on the cab.
Zain Sheikh Dec 01, 2011
Lol imagine talking to your fellow truckers and say my truck has a rear diffuser and spoiler
Matt Cook Nov 29, 2011
Lol they would add rubber bump stops! This is a concept
Shane Gardner Nov 29, 2011
Most semi trucks back into docks, most of the time in a literal sense. Making this trailer highly impractical.
Kevin Watson Nov 29, 2011
This truck wasn't designed to back into docks, fellas do you think Mercedes would make a dock for their dealership.they drive them out. I love those back lights.
Brett Lamborghini Day Nov 28, 2011
This truck is stunning. I hope this is the future of automobiles
Josh Willes Nov 28, 2011
That's actually well thought out. You can see a line in the bottom which shows that the light will open with the door so it will open more then 90 degrees. Only thing is the trailer would need to be wide enough to Back into a dock with no damage
Shane Jansen Nov 28, 2011
So much for doors that swing all the way open... Doesnt look like the bak doors open judging by the piece overhanging at the top