Description: Following the unveiling of their impressive aftermarket program for the 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML, Brabus has released its latest creation: a 600hp beast based on the SLS AMG Roadster. Their exclusive pro...
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Jason Brower Nov 28, 2011
Brbus makes a tt for the sls, this just isn't it
Michael Kozlowski Nov 28, 2011
Or I guess I should say, no 800 lb ft??
Michael Kozlowski Nov 28, 2011
No 1,000 lb ft of torque??
Devin Babyn Nov 28, 2011
It's 6.2 they just say 6.3 because of history. Fords made 4.9 and called it a 5.0 for a long time
Jordan Smith Nov 28, 2011
He's right. The engine is 6208 cc I believe. AMG just rounds it up to 6.3
Dylan Berry Nov 28, 2011
No. It isn't. It just says 6.2 on the side of the car.
Description: The dynamic profile has been achieved by adding a front spoiler to the underside of the production bumper, carbon-fiber covers for the upper air ducts, side skirts and newly-designed air vents in the ...
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Michael Changwoon Jeong Nov 28, 2011
Where is the fog light..?
Andrew Grimm Nov 28, 2011
They seem to always do a great job with the SLs
Description: A Brabus Front Lift System can be added too, which will raise the roadster's front end by 50mm in a couple of seconds at the push of a button, so speed bumps and such can be easily navigated. The...
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Max Waite Nov 28, 2011
I highly doubt that it raises exactly 50 mm, why not just say 5 centimeters? It's an easier unit to visualize
Chris Penza Nov 28, 2011
Good idea. I would do the same thing. My town has bad speed bumps
Description: Trim sets in carbon-fiber and exotic-wood in any color and with all surface finish types are also offered. No details have yet been released about the availability and price of the Brabus Roadster.
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Garrett Boni Nov 28, 2011
Love the how it is a convertible and the rims
Fast Oh Nov 28, 2011
Soundwave was Mercedes SLS it was awesome
Fast Oh Nov 28, 2011
Did anyone watch Transformer Dark of the Moon?
Matty Michaels Nov 28, 2011
@Kan that's what I thought!
Chris Penza Nov 28, 2011
Looks like an slr on the left to me
Kan Wes Nov 28, 2011
If you only look at the left part of the picture it looks like a Porsche.
Kristoffer Lopez Nov 28, 2011
This is the only convertible I actually like. So much so over it's gullwing counterpart. I dunno theres just something about it's profile, like it was meant to be a roadster all along and seeing one on the street only conforms this belief.
Fast Oh Nov 28, 2011
I do not like the looks of the back
Garrett Boni Nov 28, 2011
Love this car in general. Also like the exhaustd
Kristoffer Lopez Nov 28, 2011
After seeing this on the street I have to say, I really like it's turning signal.
Jay Kolvenbag Nov 28, 2011
I would rather have the normal one!
Kristoffer Lopez Nov 28, 2011
Noe that's interior lighting