Comments - Video: The S3 Superbus Wows the Dutch

Published: Nov 27, 2011
Description: You can think of this in a few ways: the bus of the future, the largest sports car of the future, or even the fastest limousine of the future. And of all places, it just paid a visit to the Dutch city...
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Justin Harris Nov 27, 2011
It sure is an actual road yacht instead of the cramped up Bewerp Savage Revale Roadyacht GTS that is supposed to be one... It looks bad but it shows possible promise for the future of luxury land travel in my opinion.
Anthony Noon Nov 27, 2011
It looks like a centipede with the doors up
Adithya Chandrasekhar Nov 27, 2011
This exact bus is gonna be used here in dubai.... :p
Description: Developed jointly by the University of Technology of Delft and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the goal was to build an environmentally sustainable mean of transportation tha...
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Imran Seidi Apr 09, 2012
@Sam it has rear steering if you watched the video.
Sam Oglesby Nov 27, 2011
They didn't mention it has rear wheel steering to get around corners
Mario Lal Nov 27, 2011
carbuzz forgot to mention that this travels 50 miles before needing a charge and with AC TVs and internet 25 miles
Michael Riley Nov 27, 2011
omg the back tires in such giant wheel wells looks so crazy.
Description: No word yet on whether there's any intention to bring it to production, but rumors are abound that it may be on the streets in around 2015. It's been developed by a group of talented people ...
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Jason Johnson Nov 27, 2011
Not a chance that will ever happen.
Jacob J Mills Nov 11, 2012
Dude the Dutch are so high that there just seeing things
Duncan Gibson Nov 28, 2011
Worse than that super RV with the round nose
Elijah McCord Nov 28, 2011
Better than all the other busses of today
Luis Enrique Lara Nov 27, 2011
Kind of cool still ugly as poop