Comments - Video: Drag Race Firebird Catches Fire

Published: Nov 27, 2011
Description: So you go to a drag race expecting to see, well, a drag race. And when it's a professional event, as opposed to an amateur street race, one would likely expect for there to be plenty of professio...
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Description: The damage must have been quite severe as the engine soon caught on fire. Drag racing (or any racing) certainly has its risks and we're glad that the driver came out alright. Then again, the Fire...
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Dezmon Bold Dec 02, 2011
Firebird not only lived up to it's name but it did the best burn out ever
Kyle Bohne Nov 30, 2011
dont put it out let the bitch BURN!!!!!
Dave Stewart Nov 28, 2011
Think he got knocked out but what's weird is how his burnout stayed in one spot knocked out on brake and gas?
Jason W. Evers Nov 28, 2011
Yeah, looks like stuck open throttle. Nothing that driver could have done to avoid the wall but he did do an amazing job of limiting impact.
Elijah McCord Nov 28, 2011
Only in America, can ur car be on fire and u can still do a burnout
Jake Knickmeyer Nov 28, 2011
Jesse...I agree with you, but use some punctuation!
Matthew Leon Nov 27, 2011
City streets dry and hard sometimes drag tracks wet and very easy for your tires to spin
Jesse Demasi Nov 27, 2011
It down the track perfectly everytime it's hard to control that
Jesse Demasi Nov 27, 2011
Practice and that guy hit the brakes because he was trying not to slide into the wall which even if he don't hit the brakes he was gonna hit it anyway so I wouldn't talk trash on this driver until you can drive something as fast as that car and get
Andrew Muller Nov 27, 2011
Thats what you would call fironic
Jesse Demasi Nov 27, 2011
Wow that kid who said you don't need to know how to handle a car to drag race you really shouldnt even be using this app because launching a car with that much power and keeping it steady and not doing what happened here is hard and takes a lot of
Clint Edwards Nov 27, 2011
Hop into a 1000hp car and get a perfect launch, and then tell me there's no need to know how to control your car
Matthew Crighton Nov 27, 2011
Quinn, i think if you were in his position in a car with that kind of HP you would be freaking out too. Theres a differents between controling your car on city streets and on a drag track.
Mietek Zul Nov 27, 2011
@Quinn Conner People that drag race don't know how to handle a car if they would They wouldn't drag race
Quinn Conner Nov 27, 2011
Moron driver. Who in the world hits the brakes during a slide? Pure driver error
Albert Jaramillo Nov 27, 2011
Best burnout of the night
David Harris Nov 27, 2011
Now that's a burnout
Hunter Wolfe Nov 27, 2011
Wow. That car could prably spin out for like hr and still not run out of rubber
Ken Madison Nov 27, 2011
Man.... RIP. This kind of stuff gets 5x more dangerous without traction control..... Especially when your driving a high torque RWD car that wants to kick the rear end out to the side when you goose it.
Vince DeMasi Nov 27, 2011
That sucks and I saw a stupid car mishap yesterday when I went to the track a dude racing his boosted civic and forgot to latch the hood down properly and half way down the track it flew up and busted his windshield
Rob Taylor Nov 27, 2011
Is it me or does the accelerator get jammed?
Tim Preisinger Nov 28, 2011
Damn shame... Poor car. I like the '69 Firebirds..
Thibault Leroy Nov 27, 2011
calm down he was just making a joke...
David Rosenberg Nov 27, 2011
FIREbird catches FIRE! lol