Comments - Official: Mercedes-Benz to Kill Maybach Brand in 2013

Published: Nov 27, 2011
Description: In a not so surprising move, Mercedes-Benz chairman Dieter Zetsche has officially decided to shut down the uber luxury Maybach brand by 2013. After nearly a decade of slow sales of the Maybach 57 and ...
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darrellbell24 Mar 26, 2013
@esam I know..I was planning on buying a 2013 Maybach. until I heard this....
Abbas Juzar Nov 28, 2011
finally they made the good decision cause rolls royce's are much better
Esam Mohammad Nov 28, 2011
Really disappointing !! I wanted to buy a one of these when I get married -.- .. F U Mercedes
Shaun Conroy Nov 28, 2011
What's Oprah going to arrive in now?
Miftah Rasheed Amir Nov 28, 2011
Hey, Maybach had superb cars way back in the days, before most of us were alive. Of course they're trash now, but it's the same as what happened to Pontiac etc. They had good stuff, so it's not entirely a useless brand.
Brahim Gudah Nov 28, 2011
Finally rolls and bently have been murdering it... And a fully loaded s65 is pretty much just as good as a maybach but for less
Robby Bradford Nov 27, 2011
About time do you hear people say I want a lamborghini or I want a mayback? This is not surprising at all
Scott Gracey Nov 27, 2011
@stephen, that's if Rick Ross lives til 2013 haha
Michael Palazzo Nov 27, 2011
the current 62s & 57s are beautiful in a solid color, the old ones are hideous though.
Gianni Falzone Nov 27, 2011
Couldn't imagine paying a premium for such an ugly vehicle.
Stephen Cobbs Nov 27, 2011
I guess Rick Ross is gonna need a new name for his music group. Maybach Music.
Zachary Maurer Nov 27, 2011
If they redesinged the rebadged s class( I know this is owned by Mercedes) and lowers the price, and made more than 2 models, it might have survived, might have.
Chris Benson Nov 27, 2011
Bout time. Worthless brand and an extreme waste of money.
John Andrew Morales Nov 27, 2011
This is disappointing. I always found it fun to keep up with a brand whose luxury was unmatched.
Lewis Secor Dec 04, 2011
It doesn't do anything for me, I'd rather buy a 30,000 ford taurus then buy a cheap style over priced car
Tin Nguyen Nov 28, 2011
The body style looks like a Kia. Never like them. They are beyond ugly.
Greg Kenerly Nov 27, 2011
Good point Christian. A luxury brand that was separate would've been a hit. Oh well
KeX Lim Nov 27, 2011
The problem with the Maybach is the although it's larger than the S-Class, its styling is too much like an ordinary Mercedes-Benz. You just don't get that exclusive feel when you see one.
Christian De Prisco Nov 27, 2011
I think they should have developed an outstanding brand rather than a uber luxury mercedes s class, of course it didn't sell well...
Walter Alexander Thomas Nov 27, 2011
I think is car is beyond ugly. Simply disgusting. Good that it is being killed
Michael Palazzo Nov 27, 2011
the two toned ones don't look so good but solid colored ones are beautiful inside & out
Erik Olsen Nov 27, 2011
Just look at it! No wonder it didn't sell well!
Description: A company insider says that they've "come to the conclusion that it is better to cut our losses with Maybach than to continue into an uncertain future with a brand that has failed to live up...
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Tin Nguyen Nov 28, 2011
800 unit a year? Keep on dreaming.
Justin Tucker Nov 27, 2011
It's about time they get rid of it!
Description: Mercedes first took over the brand after they were unable to buy either Rolls-Royce or Bentley, which are now owned by BMW and Volkswagen, respectively. Earlier this year, as some may recall, there wa...
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KeX Lim Nov 27, 2011
I saw a 57 once. It did look very much like a super-sized S-Class.
Arben Imeri Nov 27, 2011
I parked my s550 next to one. I've only seen a couple of these and there's a huge difference in terms of size and luxury between these and an s class
Christian De Prisco Nov 27, 2011
I did see them a few times and they always seem to be s class mercedes till it gets very close
Jesus Guerra Nov 27, 2011
You know I never have come face to face with one of these cars
Anthony Cordiale Nov 27, 2011
The car needs more passion in it's design
Biswajyoti Das Nov 27, 2011
Spot the chick inside?
Matt Snoodermin Nov 27, 2011
it looks like an upscale e-class wagon
Miftah Rasheed Amir Nov 28, 2011
That huge and they don't even have suicide doors? And people talk about Rick Ross fitting in?
Nick Benz Nov 28, 2011
Polatition? Seriously bro? Come on!
Tanton Stoneman Nov 27, 2011
It's so you can get you fat polatition ass in the back, lol!
Miguel Angel Rodriguez Nov 27, 2011
yeah. its bigger than some trucks