Comments - Chevy Camaro Stretch Limo can be yours for $30k

Published: Nov 27, 2011
Description: Put aside your judgment about whether or not this American muscle car should be stretched into a limo for a second, and just consider that the '2011 Stealth Black Custom built Chevy Camaro Limous...
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Alex Pernek Nov 29, 2011
Looks stupid but its cheaper than a normal camaro .
Christian De Prisco Nov 27, 2011
If I was an emerging rapper with not much money this would be a bargain buy...
Mike Conrad Nov 27, 2011
However, at $30K the reserve price is not yet met so it couldn't possibly sell for that low.
Description: Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there's absolutely no accounting for taste sometimes, so there's a chance a bidding war will see the price skyrocket before bidding comes t...
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Chris McCormick Sep 16, 2012
I love it when camaros are all black and the Chevy sign is outlined in silver one of my favorite cars I also love the 69 camaros
Kenneth Williams Nov 27, 2011
All this work and it has the freakin base wheels on it?!
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 27, 2011
Woah it's a gullwing haha to bad it's not as nice as on this thing looks really cheap
PcluvVW Nov 28, 2011
It's the combo of good idea/ bad idea. Interesting idea but bad execution!
Dale Schroeder Nov 28, 2011
I saw a silver stretched Camaro not too long ago, and it looked really awkward in person. The roofline didn't match up quite right because the center had a big flat stretch that didn't follow the stock roof's angle.
Jesse Demasi Nov 27, 2011
Why are people hating on this its kinda cool and it's cheap it should have an ls3 though but compared to some limos I've seen this is nice
Quinn Conner Nov 27, 2011
It's not 30k. Reserve is not meet on eBay so who knows how much the seller wants
Patrick Schalk Nov 27, 2011
It's definitely a bargain at 30k
Garrett Griswold Nov 27, 2011
Tru dat and it kinda cool even though it is tacky. Don't be so critical
Andrew Grimm Nov 27, 2011
Why so much hate? Just respect the build and let someone else buy it. It is pointless to crush something like this.
Alexander Mayorga Nov 27, 2011
Im sure to drunk partiers this car would be bitching
David Bradley Nov 27, 2011
Has to be the ugliest limo I have ever seen
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 27, 2011
The didn't use an ls motor it's the v6 clearly a build on a budget
Michael Palazzo Nov 27, 2011
when the wheels spin it looks like a tron car, u can buy them on internet, they're called LED valve caps
Michael Palazzo Nov 27, 2011
I want one, this thing is sweet, I wonder if they kept the LS3 in there or even upper it.
Justin Tucker Nov 27, 2011
It's like 1 LED on each wheel....nice?
Colby Katzberg Nov 29, 2011
Agreed mike. I saw a stretched ford Windstar up in Canada. I don't know what goes through people's minds.
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 28, 2011
@Kan The driver closes the door and I'm pretty sure they're motorized.
Kan Wes Nov 27, 2011
Can a short person close that door?
Michael Beach Nov 27, 2011
It needs to be crushed
Pierre-René Ferland Nov 28, 2011
Just look at the ceiling! It's like in a casino. I wouldn't buy it but it is a hell of a limo for sure. Imagine going to a prom or wedding in that car! Nice
Tanner Middleton Nov 30, 2011
its like a retro disco casino in there
Shane Jansen Nov 28, 2011
Looks like there's 2 themes mixed together... Shoulve stuck to two colors over the 4 different ones lol
Charles Pope Nov 28, 2011
All the girls I'll have with this car...
Jesse Demasi Nov 27, 2011
It does look like something from halo lol
Igor Boos Nov 27, 2011
FPS= first person shooter
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 27, 2011
@devin forgive me for being so clueless but what is fps
Devin Babyn Nov 27, 2011
Seriously halo come on people that's the gayest fps I've ever played
Adam Lopinsky Nov 27, 2011
Haha, I could totally see the prophet of truth getting driven around the ark in this thing. (sorry, halo nerd)
Ken Madison Nov 27, 2011
Are you serious Joey? You know what we did in our free time in the military? Played video games, there was nothing else to do. This does look like it belongs in one of those covenant ships. That parkinsons/polio leader guy would float around there.
Devin Babyn Nov 27, 2011
Why do they have to make the interior so hideous
Ken Madison Nov 27, 2011
It looks like something off that halo game.
Jean Padilla Nov 27, 2011
Agree. It would look cleaner
Michael Riley Nov 27, 2011
I would go same leather but in all white.