Description: Last week, we ran the first photos that arrived with the announcement of Volkswagen, Deutsche Post and the University of Art at Braunschweig's collaboration, the Volkswagen eT! commercial deliver...
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Description: Those include following the person from house to house or return to the person's location via wrist communication system. The driver can also direct the car's movements via a 'drivestic...
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Batty Nov 26, 2011
Could you image the post man going postal.
Christian De Prisco Nov 26, 2011
Has anyone thought of hackers, no words on an information system management security or anything... I am thinking of postmen looking at the van going away...
Tim Pestridge Nov 26, 2011
Would make a great mobile office!
Simon Trépanier Nov 26, 2011
8,50 m turning diameter! That's small and perfect for city driving!