Description: Land Rover's Range_e, a plug-in hybrid diesel-electric powertrain concept, has been crowned as the Automotive Innovation for 2011 by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in the UK (SMMT...
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Alexander Hellerup Christensen Nov 26, 2011
Now that's a pretty front!
Description: The Range_e can be driven more than 20 miles on its electric power alone and its maximum range is 690 miles. The diesel hybrid drivetrain engages seamlessly as the system's combined 339hp deliver...
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Description: Dependent on the driver's demand, the car's system decides the most efficient method to deliver the power required, whether this is by electric, diesel or both. The Range_e also features reg...
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Christian De Prisco Nov 26, 2011
And the cost? Probably in the region of £70k right?