Description: There's something uniquely addictive about Top Gear's tried and tested formula that sees Jeremy Clarkson abuse a car or two, James May represent the level-headed car fan, and a challenge tha...
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Edith Wharton Nov 23, 2011
Hes the most sane so cant say anything about him maybe...
Christo Savaides Nov 23, 2011
No love for Richard Hammond?
Description: To give the spoof some credibility, Top Gear producer Andy Wilman has given it his personal backing, praising the pair for their creative endeavor and superb character interpretations.
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Tyler Smith Dec 06, 2011
Let's replace American Top Gear with these guys. At least they hold your attention.
Avery Doyal Nov 27, 2011
Well it's better than the American top gear. But that's not saying to much...
Alexander Pecheny Nov 25, 2011
I call BS on the Andy Wilman part. This spoof sucked. It was too long and just really cheesy. No real clever jokes, and lame acting with too much breaking character and smiling. Not hating, it just sucked.
Hunter Wolfe Nov 24, 2011
There pretty good haha
Raymond Reynoso Nov 24, 2011
This was actually good and funny.
Alanda Burroughs Nov 24, 2011
@Alex. Being that the Producer of Top Gear has said he liked it and recommends everybody view it, your negative opinion just has no weight.
Chris Harrison Nov 23, 2011
It's not supposed to be a new top gear it's making jokes about the original top gear
Alex Kovac Nov 23, 2011
So so stupid. Original top gear is way better
Chris Harrison Nov 23, 2011
When he said "POWER!!!" I was cracking up
Alanda Burroughs Nov 23, 2011
I watched the whole thing. That's saying was really good.
Jason Colkitt Nov 23, 2011
This is genius! Fantastic job guys, can't wait to see what you come up with next.
Keir Andre Nelson Nov 23, 2011
I give these guys credit. This is some hilarious stuff. The actors are so realistic lol.
Ben Miller Nov 23, 2011
Haha I think the fake gut is hilarious.
Ivan Rudnitsky Nov 23, 2011
Damn bro go to the dentist
Michael Riley Nov 23, 2011
wonder if Jeremy is kinda not liking the belly you out on his character. hahaha
Description: Such praise is a testament to the quality of the amateur production, which we recommend taking the time to check out. It's definitely a fun watch.
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Raymond Reynoso Nov 24, 2011
First minute is a bit rubbish lmao
Alexander Pecheny Nov 25, 2011
I think it would be funny, and I was expecting it to be hilarious especially with cardboard "Eco cars", but it just wasn't funny. I think the guys were just too cheesy, for my tastes at least.