Description: The Chevrolet Volt is coming to China and it is not going to be cheap for prospective customers. The price of the plug-in hybrid electric has been set at a staggering $75,333 (or if you're Chines...
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Christopher Mccracken Dec 26, 2011
Chinese are buying everything from America
Paul Lissona Dec 05, 2011
Ig in china they want Buick so much that it's worth making them there ha. My dad likes Buicks a lot but their way too soft, for example the Century he has.
Ken Madison Nov 25, 2011
I can't even keep track of all the people on here anymore... Aren't you the guy who has a Camaro? I can't remember if you have the Camaro or the civic, aye aye aye.... It's to the point that you just fire back with all guns ASAP.
Brad Wood Nov 24, 2011
You girls need to meet at 3pm at a bike rack behind the school and duke it out.
Raymond Reynoso Nov 24, 2011
Lmao @Ken. I'm just kidding dude.
Ken Madison Nov 24, 2011
Don't worry Raymond, I have a deep hate for you too. Probably a lot more than you hate me.
Raymond Reynoso Nov 24, 2011
Lol I hate Ken Madison so much.
Brahim Gudah Nov 24, 2011
Only problem with Paul's comment is Chinese people love buicks and they build all chinas buicks in china...
Ken Madison Nov 24, 2011
Paul is spot on. Blue ribbon for him.
Paul Lissona Nov 24, 2011
Keep Chinese stuff out of the USA, and bring American products there. That's the kind of thinking we need.
Dexter Cordero Nov 23, 2011
Nope. Prius alternates between using electric motor and gas motor to move. Big difference. The gasoline motor of volt does not directly power the wheels. It's role is to produce electricity.
Vincent Chong Nov 23, 2011
Trevor I'm completely sure you just described a Prius. Which is a hybrid
Trevor Brown Nov 23, 2011
It's always powered by electric, the gas is just used to power a generator to create more electricity
Nicolas Blake Mullen Nov 23, 2011
There's that funny commercial where the guy in the volt pulls into that drive thru and the stranger and the drive thru clerk argue if its all electric or gasoline. It's hilarious!!
Alex Klemstein Nov 23, 2011
Both electric and gasoline.
Anders Schrøder Nov 23, 2011
The volt isnt a hybrid, is it? Though it eas pure Electric.
Description: However, GM and the American government are reluctant to do this due to the likelihood of intellectual property theft. In retaliation the Chinese government is refusing to grant the Volt the $19,500 ...
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Ken Madison Nov 26, 2011
Long gone are the days when you could get your hands on a govt issue Thompson or BAR.... now you can only get Garands, M1 carbines, 1903s and 1917s surplus :((((
Ken Madison Nov 26, 2011
Miguel, whatever makes money. Since we can't sell the tens/hundreds of millions of automatic weapons we have stock piled to our civilians under current ATF laws, why not sell them to other countries???
Miguel Blanco Nov 25, 2011
@Vincet Exporting Dollars and weapons should the last thing we export. We should export stuff civilians can use like electronics and so on
Lucas Kaltenbach Nov 24, 2011
I think we should tax foreign cars in the us for retaliation toward china!
Brad Wood Nov 24, 2011
This is already old technology. Let them steal it. Tech advances so fast that once it hits the market the better, more powerful and efficient tech is already in the works. IMO, you can keep your protectionism.
John Andrew Morales Nov 24, 2011
They're already reverse engineering it anyway. Everyone steals technology, let's just hope that GM makes their money back before it is replicated.
Chris Dimattia Nov 24, 2011
The Chinese will not buy this pos shit just like we don't buy them here. Billions of our tax dollars spent to make pointless cars. Heard they recalled the volt bc they catch on fire and the batteries leak in a collision? Want one now?
Ken Madison Nov 24, 2011
Screw the Chinese. Let them suck it up.
Jason Brown Nov 23, 2011
The trouble with building any factory in china is that the factory and all the technology it has in it will belong to the Chinese government. So if GM build one there, that would be giving away there technology away.
Vincent Chong Nov 23, 2011
Micheal we make alot of money from china and many other countries. In fact America is the number one in exporting in terms of dollars. We are the biggest technology exporter. And also weapons, lots and lots of it.
Luis Daniel Angilello Nov 23, 2011
Yeah U.S. bails them out, and they're thinking about giving the technology to the chinese government. Stupid idiots! (GM)
Patrick Schalk Nov 23, 2011
BTW I'm talking to GM not you guys. I love GM but holy crap I don't understand why this is so hard to figure out. We need to be exporting the hell out of everything and quit relying on everyone else.
Patrick Schalk Nov 23, 2011
It's called EXPORTING you stupid douchbags! This is what's wrong with our economy! Don't give them sh*t other than completely assembled vehicles!
Xuan Lin Nov 23, 2011
I wouldn't spent 500,000RMB...that go on flame....
Raman Chhabra Nov 23, 2011
I don't see why this is so special? transfer of tech....haha..china can copy, we all know that. They probably have already and may be selling it as well...big corporates will always keep this fact in wraps.
Michael Gallagher Nov 23, 2011
No!! Make money off china for once. We buy everything from them. We have something they want, use that upper hand and don't give it away
Miguel Blanco Nov 25, 2011
@Jon It's worth 75 grand in china not the US.
Jon Ashley Nov 23, 2011
good looking, and powerful for an electric, but not worth 75 grand
Randy Geniec Nov 23, 2011
Lemme get this straight. They want to steal our technology and give volt buyers no government incentives but we give the BYD a $7,500 tax credit with your tax dollars. Can you say 15 tru tru tru trillion in debt. How could it be?
David Rosenberg Nov 23, 2011
@ Alex that's just a crash test dummy just in case a Prius comes in to take revenge. Lol
Alex Leu Nov 23, 2011
Whys there a randomass person in the car..
Jon Ashley Nov 23, 2011
The guy on the far left looks... uh... awesome!
Phil Freire Nov 23, 2011
You'd have to look stupid to be smiling about a 75,000 electric car that probably gets outgunned by a Prius.
Anders Schrøder Nov 23, 2011
Why do they have to look so stupid?