Description: According to the top dogs of Volkswagen's R performance sub-brand, happy days are ahead as the German automaker foresees a future where the R-brand becomes more accessible to a wider audience who...
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Clint Edwards Nov 22, 2011
Hell my 03 Cummins will get 23mpg hauling a 28ft camper trailer. And it'll still break em loose running down the highway. Don't try to tell me diesel isn't capable.
Kai Andrew Carlson Nov 22, 2011
I'll take a diesel R!
Carlie George Nov 22, 2011
Lol diesels are sweet even cummins won the Indy 500 with one
Kris Scrase Nov 22, 2011
And I'm pretty sure they are banned from le mans because they were getting too fast.
Dexter Cordero Nov 22, 2011
Just another example of how car companies are trying to get the public into this mindset that small golf cart-like cars are the just as sporty and good as a standard sized sports sedan and now this...diesel. Yeah right.
Dexter Cordero Nov 22, 2011
This is BS. Diesel??? No thanks. You can claim efficiency numbers all day with diesels all you want. But I won't let these corporate scumbags fool me into thinking diesel is where future performance is all about.
Peter Bruschi Nov 22, 2011
thts ok, i can live without the golf... but common give american the scirocco...
Kaden Dauter Dec 12, 2011
That Scirocco makes my day.........
Antonio Falsetti Nov 24, 2011
Come to America. Both of you.
Brent Bennett Nov 22, 2011
C'mon VW, builder of the "peoples car" listen to the people! I want a scirocco in my garage & my $$ in your hands! - are you listening??
Description: Further he contended that an R version of any VW vehicle can be made, so as well as seeing VW R in the form of an AWD diesel hatchback, a Passat R is possible, while the Beetle R Concept could well se...
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Description: The fuel savings made by hybrid-electrics can be easily compensated by a simple weight reduction according to Mr. Richter who openly admits that "you can get the same efficiency by dropping 100 k...
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Jon Ashley Nov 22, 2011
The scirocco needs to come to the U.S. I'd buy one in a heart beat. It might take some sales away from the GTI but who cares!
Antonio Falsetti Nov 24, 2011
Want this. Need this. Looks great. Come to America.
Spencer Borg Nov 22, 2011
Lol they come early next year and I'm stoked
Clint Edwards Nov 22, 2011
We'd snatch these things up like Angelina Jolie at an orphanage. Why the hell don't we get em?
David Holder-Defrates Nov 22, 2011
@Fred Germany is Left Hand Drive. In Europe, only the UK is Right Hand Drive
Joseph Paventi Nov 22, 2011
Aye, bring over this lovely lad
Carlie George Nov 22, 2011
Aye .bring the caddy too
Fred Anidem Nov 22, 2011
ima go to germany, get this car, bring it to the us and keep the license plate too, too bad the driver side will be on the right instead of the left.
Kris Scrase Nov 22, 2011
We are finally getting this in Australia!! How can one of the biggest car consumers (USA) not get some of the best cars in the world!!?? You guys need to let your wallet do the talking and stop buying so many useless huge cars.
Jordan Smith Nov 22, 2011
Aye. We NEED this in the U.S
Alex Klemstein Nov 22, 2011
All in favor of seeing the Scirocco in the US say "aye".
Raul Felipe Culebro Dec 11, 2011
The best technology germany
Quinn Conner Nov 22, 2011
I'd rock it if the motor was in the back of the back, way far back.
Joseph Paventi Nov 22, 2011
I'd rock on if it was black on black on black
Joshua Ryan Nov 22, 2011
I'd drive this Beetle.
Jimmy Atkinson Nov 22, 2011
It grew some balls, but they still haven't dropped.
Peter Bruschi Nov 22, 2011
this is so odd seeing a bug like this, all tuned out with big rims... but its a nice change... im glad this car grew some balls :)