Comments - Rumored: M550 Diesel to Have 375hp and AWD

Published: Nov 22, 2011
Description: Concrete evidence of the long-rumored 5-Series diesel from BMW's M division has emerged from a BMW dealer presentation in the Netherlands, of all places. The leaked specs indicate the Bimmer will...
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Jamal Afzal Nov 23, 2011
X5 &X6 will be great competition with Q7 and Tourag diesels...
Matt Walker Nov 23, 2011
I want 3 turbos in my car... 😔
Description: M division's global marketing manager Brian Watts has previously confirmed a diesel M5 is under consideration and with this new information coming to light, there's a good chance the M550d c...
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Paul Bae Nov 24, 2011
My question is can this tri turbo diesel engine be adequately efficient to cover the large premium over the gasoline engine. As far as I know 550i's gas engine isn't so bad in terms of mpg thinking its a 400hp sub m5. I can't wait until they announce the details.
Miguel Blanco Nov 25, 2011
@Karl Non-Japanese? I really doubt that BMW's are more reliable than Chevys, Fords, etc
Karl Enemark Nov 24, 2011
BMW makes reliable cars as far as non-Japanese brands go. They also make the most performance oriented luxury cars. More performance means more stress on components. Even though the parts are high quality, performance is addicting, so they wear out.
Matt Walker Nov 23, 2011
Ugh. Look at all of that body-roll...
Lee Cascio Nov 22, 2011
BMW does make a fun to drive car but they leak, they break, and the electronics might as well be made by Brits.
Devin Babyn Nov 22, 2011
My good friend got a 08 335i last spring and he babied it for the first 6 months or so and it was ok just a few issues. Once he drove it like a sporty coupe the thing hasn't stopped going into the shop. Same with another friends M3, terrible as well
Winston Pandji Nov 22, 2011
Improved a lot. I have 3 friends that own bmw after 2009 version and all their cars are just fine. And please dont think im a hater because actually i love bimmer the most. The performance is just awesome. I get bored easily in a merc but never in bm
Winston Pandji Nov 22, 2011
@ken my dad regularly service his cars once a year. And his driver is actually a former service mechanic at bmw, volvo and nissan. And even our driver said that bmw is the most unreliable. But i notice starting the late 2000s the reputation has
Kan Wes Nov 22, 2011
If they aren't reliable that means you arent keeping up with the service. I have owned an 06 760 li, 2010 x5m, and a 2011 740i and have never had any problems and haven't paid for service until warranty is out.
Winston Pandji Nov 22, 2011
Will always have a few reliable cars. We're saying they are not reliable from the majority. And the fact is, the majority of bmw products arent reliable. But i got a friend who has a reliable one as well
Chris Kuyumdzhyan Nov 22, 2011
Well what models did you have? Base models like the 3 series, 5 series variants, they're very solid, because they're simple. The m's, and especially the 7 series, all have electronic problems up the ass.
Winston Pandji Nov 22, 2011
@greg my dad got 3 cars, 2000 5 series, 2005 x5 and 2008 e class. The first two keep breaking down every few months and the merc never encounter any prob. All brands no matter how crappy their reputation is
Greg Waller Nov 22, 2011
Who says they aren't reliable? I have owned three over the last 10 years and all three have been incredibly reliable. What a blast to drive. I look forward to driving my kids to school and then to work everyday
Devin Babyn Nov 22, 2011
Beamers are beautiful and fun but they aren't reliable at all when you drive it like the sports cars they are
Dylan Bruder Nov 22, 2011
More body roll than I expected
Chris Penza Nov 22, 2011
The new 5 series is so cool. I want one
Lee Cascio Nov 22, 2011
They sure are good at making you lust for their product.