Description: Leo and the gang from Dartz are back with their latest offering, a whale penis foreskin-free set of bullet-proof seats. Made with 'Nano-Skin' and the absolutely-Dartz necessary gold, the Lat...
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Alex Rothers Apr 19, 2013
Yes the seat will protect all the most important parts of you. Like the stomach, the brain, the heart,
Description: Hi EveryBody,
Here is DARTZ - crazy car interiors KingZ.... Here we are with our new whale-safe interior decision.
And it is not safe only for whales - it's seat made from bulletproof nanos...
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Buzzle Guzzle Doo Nov 27, 2011
Michael, I like your tractor
Nam Doan Trinh Nov 23, 2011
Leo is one of my Idols.
Anthony J. Mitchell Nov 22, 2011
Bullet resistant, not bullet proof.
Jesse Demasi Nov 22, 2011
Sells and it's in demand people don't really care about their grammar as long as it actually is bullet proff
Jesse Demasi Nov 22, 2011
Even if their not from an englishspeaking country you figure they'd hire someone who knows English well just press releases and stuff because it's honestly bad business to send out press releases with bad grammar but I guess as long as your product
Garrett Frye Nov 22, 2011
It's stated that it is a scientific innovation, so no, it isn't whale penis or anything made of whale
Michael Page Nov 22, 2011
I believe his broken English is trying to say this seat is made from bullet proof materials and gold-NOT from whale penis leather. The whale penis leather and gold are Dartzs' brand ID
Randy Geniec Nov 22, 2011
SO the skin is not bulletproof but the Penis is? I wonder if all animals are like this? We could have a trend on our hands. Imagine a alligator penis seat. The animal activists are gonna go crazy! Just sayin'
Colin Barr Nov 22, 2011
I'm pretty sure it's not whale, but whale penis. Seriously.
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 22, 2011
They arent from an English speaking country. what did you expect? for them to speak like and English professor?
Nicolas Pons Dec 07, 2011
What if they shot you from behind? And aren't darts cars all bullet proof anyway?
Daniel Bellafonte Nov 23, 2011
Yet if the seat is meant to be bulletproof doesn't that mean the bullet would already have passed through the driver/passenger already if from the front of the car...rendering this seat completely useless.
Michael Beach Nov 23, 2011
This is for Chuck Norris. He got tired of farting .50 cal bullets and ruining his other seats
Bryan Bohling Nov 23, 2011
What's the point. No one is going to shoot you from underneath the car
Matthew Crighton Nov 22, 2011
It was a cool idea but the seat is ugly as hell.
Henry Penner Nov 22, 2011
That seat is ugly as piss
Dale Schroeder Nov 22, 2011
This would right at home on a billboard in Saints Row 3.