Comments - Abarth Punto Scorpio – Another Sting

Published: Nov 22, 2011
Description: The Bologna Motor Show is not a major event on the calendar, however it is Fiat Group's home motor show and therefore it must show that it tries hard to put on the best show possible. So after Ab...
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Description: The exterior of the car is enriched by special glossy black graphics for the roof and hood. They ideally reproduce the bottom of the "Nitro Powered by Abarth" snowboard and are achieved with...
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Maciej Moryl Nov 22, 2011
Don't they mean damping and not dumping?
Dale Schroeder Nov 22, 2011
They only made 99, which means these are going to end up as collector cars so the performance figures are irrelevant anyway.
Chris Mallinson Nov 22, 2011
All that matters is that it is gonna get raped by a renaultsport clio 200 on track... And the only track it gonna see that top speed is the ring... And its a fiat so it will either break down or be re-called before it gets there :P
Chris Mallinson Nov 22, 2011
Like that matters un a super min
Michael Gallagher Nov 22, 2011
Quarter time? 60 time?
Landen Renfree Nov 22, 2011
@Payne the 500 abarth is hot u dingleberry and why is the quality on the picture so bad?!??
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 22, 2011
Why could we not have gotten this instead of that ugly salad bowl called 500