Comments - Video: The Top Gear Car-Train Challenge

Published: Nov 21, 2011
Description: Another absurd Top Gear challenge sees Hammond and May take on Clarkson in specially modified cars that can run on railway. In an attempt to make train travel more economical, efficient and a lot more...
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KeX Lim Nov 22, 2011
@ Ken. It just goes to show you're not as well read or knowledgeable as you think you are. And you're clearly extremely narrow-minded as well.
Ken Madison Nov 21, 2011
Well Kex, as someone with common sense who skipped coffee when reading, I took that as some of their not so funny humor. I also apologizing for not giving two lumps of coal about some chivalric order.
KeX Lim Nov 21, 2011
@ Ken. The Order of the British Empire is a chivalric order that's still well and alive, although the empire itself is basically dead. There's nothing wrong with the article. You really should get out more for someone who's supposedly well-read.
Michael Emery Smith Nov 21, 2011
It was series 17. I have the DVD.
Rob Cruickshank Nov 21, 2011
They did that this year at the start of series 15
Sam Oglesby Nov 21, 2011
Almost as long ago as this episode of top gear
Ken Madison Nov 21, 2011
The British empire???? Maybe that wording should be checked, because that's been gone for quite some time.
Michael Anthony Nascimento Nov 21, 2011
That was the beginning
El Dotorado Nov 21, 2011
they did that years ago!!!!
Description: See how the guys get on transporting their esteemed guests in their ingenious contraptions via the video link.
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Paul Lissona Dec 05, 2011
I saw this a few days ago ha.
Devin Babyn Nov 21, 2011
He was cleaning the window, it's not piss
Ray Garcia Nov 21, 2011
Did that guy really have his piss flying into the face of that guy....good thing he's was wearing googles
Adenis AK Ruci Nov 21, 2011
I actually used to have a similar car like that. The A8 back in the day is a rolls Royce phantom today
Peter Bruschi Nov 21, 2011
lol ive always wanted to try tht XD
Justin Pedoto Nov 21, 2011
This is the best episode ever!
Stephen Cobbs Nov 21, 2011
Clarkson is crazy haha.
Reid Huff Nov 21, 2011
Dexter rides in scum class I think he may be limited to just the toilet.