Comments - The Ultimate Crushed Ferrari Coffee Table

Published: Nov 21, 2011
Description: If you write-off a Ferrari and find it impossible to let it go consider having it crushed and neatly fitted into a customized coffee table. That way you get to relive your horror with every espresso. ...
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Micah Lau Nov 21, 2011
The Ferrari was a complete write-off, assuming from an accident, so it's not that bad. Had the designer crushed a road worthy Ferrari, I would have like to crush him.
Chris Penza Nov 21, 2011
I would rather kill myself than kill a Ferrari
Patrick Schalk Nov 21, 2011
I really don't understand how this is art. Pretty stupid if you ask me.
Description: The real story behind this and the price remains a mystery but the Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table is something we would love to see repeated with a Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Mustang. Any takers?
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Aj TheDark Artist Nov 22, 2011
WTF else would u do with the damn car if it was totaled? Think dumbass!! It's better than having it melted down and turned into a Prius.
Greg Kenerly Nov 22, 2011
Very cool piece of art. I think it'd be nice if it were fake...less crushed super cars...
Gregory Fatguy Nov 21, 2011
They shouldn't suggest Aston Martins to crush
Patrick Schalk Nov 21, 2011
See I would rather use my crashed Ferraris existing parts that were still in tact for a bunch of furniture rather than crush it and put it in a box
Chris Penza Nov 21, 2011
My dad should have done this with his old mustang. If only every part wasn't stolen
Patrick Schalk Nov 21, 2011
Yeah I wanna crush some Mustangs hehe
Walter Alexander Thomas Nov 21, 2011
Love the fact the mustang was included.
Clayton Corley Nov 21, 2011
WOW that's awesome.... There is a ps3 on the left side
Sam Oglesby Nov 21, 2011
Just what I've always wanted a Ferrari I can watch rust in my front room
Patrick Schalk Nov 21, 2011
How could you stare at that all day?
Brad Wood Nov 21, 2011
LOL, exactly. A coffin. I must give this guy a 10 for originality. It's kind of like having your dead dog stuffed and putting him next to the fireplace forever.
Thomas Trudzinski Nov 21, 2011
So it's a Ferrari coffin?
Tyler Bookwood Dec 07, 2011
That's a middle finger to Enzo
Miguel Longoria Nov 22, 2011
At least it makes for a great conversation starter...
Troi Stoessel Nov 21, 2011
Now he can look at it everyday and blame himself for driving reckless, and thanking god for still being alive. I guess it's good and bad.
Knox Ferraro Nov 21, 2011
For all we know it's a crushed red Chevy Aveo with a Ferrari badge on it.
Chris Penza Nov 21, 2011
I think it's a california. Not sure though
Zack Hernandez Nov 21, 2011
@Matthew The 458 is a coupe ..
Randy Geniec Nov 21, 2011
Also...Is that black paint "drizzled" on top of car? Like your latte' with chocolate on top.
Randy Geniec Nov 21, 2011
That takes skill to make the license plate and the badge show up on the top. Really think about it most cars are crushed top down. Small details. Otherwise people might think this is a red Kia.
Pierre E Jean Nov 21, 2011
Thats a french licence plate
Reid 'bc' Black Nov 21, 2011
Which Ferrari is it?
Cho Dan Nov 21, 2011
Looks very aerodynamic.
Peter Bruschi Nov 21, 2011
lol if i was given a ferrari in this shape i think id do somethin similar...
Luis Daniel Angilello Nov 22, 2011
Haha. Expensive crushed car goes in cheap wood box. What a cheap bastard!
Adam Hafiz Nov 21, 2011
The coffin in the making...