Comments - Abarth to Unveil Three New Fiat 500 Versions At Bologna

Published: Nov 21, 2011
Description: Abarth, Fiat's tuning division, is set to show off three new version based on the Fiat 500 at the forthcoming Bologna Show: two versions are Abarth 595, "turismo" and "Competizione...
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Gianni Falzone Nov 22, 2011
I said it because everyone around here says Ba-low-nee and it's frustrating.
Christian De Prisco Nov 22, 2011
@ gianni falzone That is a joke right? Your name is Italian but you speak American dude, so don't "Americans.." anyone but yourself, pls. It's spelt bo-lo-gna and you pronounce it bo-lo-gna, that is how Italian works lol
Gianni Falzone Nov 21, 2011
Americans, it's ba-loan-ya. Not baloney.
Description: The "turismo" is painted in a two-tone livery, Rosso Officina and Grigio Pista livery with white liner. It is embellished with the revival of the historic 595 logo in aluminium on the side p...
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Patrick Feluch Mar 18, 2012
To be honest, I actually just test drove the 500 sport. And it was fantastic to drive. I work at a dealership so I get to drive a lot of small cars, the fiesta, focus, sonic, yaris, wave, ect. And a lot of midsize and full size cars as well. And I can't personaly think of a car that was more fun or more solid to drive than that fiat.
Sunny Kanjer Dec 20, 2011
Somehow this car is getting a lot of my attention
Kevin Rehbock Nov 22, 2011
There's quite a bit of sporty sedans to go around Dexter. The C63 AMG, E63 AMG, CLS63 AMG, 300C SRT8, Charger SRT8, the new Impreza WRX STI, Lexus IS-F, GS-F, Jaguar XFR, CTS-V, Taurus SHO. All good choices. Don't complain about a lack of new sport sedans.
Ben Miller Nov 22, 2011
500 hp, so does a semi. Why would I get a an m5 when I can get a 1M for half the cost and similar performance numbers. Because I'm able to fit in one, that's why.
Ben Miller Nov 22, 2011
Can you say "close minded"? Dexter, small cars and big cars have existed throughout car history, its nothing new making a small sports car. And the thing about big sports cars like the m5 is that hey are heavy, and heavy is bad. Who cares if it has
Dexter Cordero Nov 22, 2011
Having a diverse product range is good and all, but I don't see too many new sport sedans coming out three days. It's this mentality of settling for a smaller and smaller car that these car execs are pushing to us that's annoying.
Dexter Cordero Nov 22, 2011
Patrick, thing is, to me at least, it seems that almost every new car / concept coming out these days is something like this type of vehicle. And I won't even get into the whole diesel thing in this comment.
Patrick Schalk Nov 22, 2011
Dexter, as consumers it's good there are different markets. If that was the case we would all be driving around in the same car. I bet you would enjoy one of these if you actually drove it.
Bryan Garza Nov 21, 2011
"Wah Wah Wah too small, I don't like it, blah blah blah." I'm not sure anyone who doesn't already agree with you is gonna care.
Joseph Tomb Nov 21, 2011
I think there fun little cars to drive around. While I don't own one, I deliver new Mopar and now Fiat products, there pretty cool little cars.
Dexter Cordero Nov 21, 2011
I want to see more M5s-RS6-type cars out there, not these midget sized two door golf carts.
Dexter Cordero Nov 21, 2011
a golf cart can actually become a "fun" car. Whatever fun means in the context of these poor-excuse midget vehicles. Heck I'll even include m3s, a3s and such other sized vehicles in this category.
Dexter Cordero Nov 21, 2011
It's pathetic because gone are the days of the sports sedan. Nowadays, car company executives have been spending too much time at the golf course and have actually become delusional into thinking that
Jordan Smith Nov 21, 2011
I love the Abarth version. Great for a fun city car. And Patrick, you can drift this in reverse :P
Michael Gallagher Nov 21, 2011
That's cute. You people buy testicals when your done getting this? If you buy this for fuel efficient or w/e, just ride a bicycle. Get in some kind of shape ( yes, I'm bored. Today's articles were blah)
Patrick Schalk Nov 21, 2011
Don't mind Dexter, he's probably sexually frustrated and needs an outlet. Unfortunately for us that outlet is CarBuzz. I love these cars though. Too bad they aren't RWD. I'd love to (try) do a burnout in one of these.
Kevin Rehbock Nov 21, 2011
It's not pathetic if it's light, tossable, and has a manual trans.
Gianni Falzone Nov 21, 2011
What's so pathetic about it? Not everyone wants to drive a boat.
Dexter Cordero Nov 21, 2011
Seems like all the major manufacturers have launched some sort of glorified golf cart-like vehicle. Audi, BMW, and now this. So pathetic...
Description: The metallic Grigio Record livery is completed with 17" titanium-colored alloy wheels whose design is borrowed from racing, with yellow Brembo brake calipers. The Abarth 695 "Asseto Corse&qu...
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Rob Art Morgan Nov 25, 2011
The Abarth 695 has potential to compete with the MINI JCW and beef up the "hot hatch" image of the baby Fiat.
Michael Gallagher Nov 22, 2011
For around 25k? Could buy a lot better and more fun of a car for that
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 21, 2011
With that hp it's got to be fun to drive I've got my mini that I love that I've gotten up to 230 hp so far and it's crazy fast this has got to be up thee with the stock JCW minis
Clint Edwards Nov 21, 2011
200hp bumper car, I'd drive the hell outta that thing
Description: 17" light alloy racing wheels compliment its combative posture. On the inside, the Abarth 695 "Assetto Corse" contains all of the safety equipment required by FIA regulations, including...
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Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 22, 2011
A lot of manuals now days that have an aux jack or a iPhone hook up have a microphone built in so you can talk on it I have that in my mini and I use it every day it's a great feature. Still haven't figured out the drinking or eating yet haha
Joseph Flieder Nov 21, 2011
I agree it's hard to talk on the phone or eat while driving my lancer
Matthew Leon Nov 21, 2011
1 reason about a stickshift you can't eat or drink or talk without having to shift
Igor Boos Nov 21, 2011
Interior looks great!
David Eslava Nov 21, 2011
I just know I want to shift gears with that stickshift....NOW!