Description: Eight days and four fuel stops were all that was needed for brothers David and Alexander Madgwick to cross the entirety of the U.S.A. in their clean diesel Jaguar XF. The tandem trekked across 11 stat...
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Brad Wood Nov 20, 2011
How did it make it without breaking down, that's my question.
Patrick Schalk Nov 20, 2011
Wonder how big the gas tank is
Devin Babyn Nov 20, 2011
Yeah but you can't make a Eco friendly super car with a diesel
Chris Benson Nov 20, 2011
As soon as the storage issues are worked out, hydrogen will be the future.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Nov 20, 2011
The future for gas efficiency is diesel not electricity. When will all car companies understand this
Andrei Wogen Nov 20, 2011
@Michael. Haha! Yeah totally!!
Bob Thebuilder Nov 20, 2011
She's definatley a looker
Stephen Cobbs Nov 20, 2011
That is a nice car. The new buicks aren't even that bad looking.
Alex Sharp Nov 20, 2011
Nice.. Grill kinda looks like a buick though.
Description: The same team ran the same car earlier this year from the UK to Munich and achieved 57mpg from the efficient Jaguar. XF Project Manager Paul Alcock said of the journey: "This project was designed...
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Description: The British automaker has stated time and again that the Jaguar XF isn't ready for the U.S. market, as the American idea of diesels isn't quite were it needs to be for the Brits to release t...
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Peter O'Sullivan Nov 20, 2011
Actually, diesel tends to be about 1p more per litre here. But in almost all cases it ends up being far cheaper to run, and with petrol prices as they are (140p per litre, or around $8.40 per gallon), economy is a necessity for many.
Bob Thebuilder Nov 20, 2011
Diesel cars dont make sense here, I agree. The only reason why they work so well in the UK is because petrol costs an arm and a leg, while diesel is a lot cheaper
Dennis Rech Nov 20, 2011
Maybe if they advertised this accomplishment over here real aggressively they might find a strong market. We tend to attribute diesel with trucks but you can't argue with 62 mpg especially in a luxury car.
Dylan Bruder Nov 20, 2011
Of course not go figure
Brad Wood Nov 20, 2011
Yeah. As they should. Hard to buy one of these sitting on your ass smoking reefers complaining about the 1%,
Clint Edwards Nov 20, 2011
Not just diesel, they sell SUPER DIESEL. I outta fill my truck up there
Bob Thebuilder Nov 20, 2011
I'd look good driving it too haha
Alex Sharp Nov 20, 2011
Id drive it as a daily for sure. Elegant, clean, and fuel efficient.
David Eslava Nov 20, 2011
I'd rather have fewer mpg and get the bigger rims...
Bob Thebuilder Nov 20, 2011
RHD? It must have been a pain going through the drive thru haha