Comments - SEMA 2011: Subaru Launch Custom Performance Cars

Published: Nov 02, 2011
Description: Relatively speaking Subaru has put out a modest display of custom, classic and racing cars for this year's SEMA event. First up is the WRX STI in which Mark Higgins set the fastest production car...
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Description: The speed limiter was also switched off to allow for a higher top speed, and the springs and dampers were changed to accommodate the circuit's high speed jumps, one of which sent the car almost f...
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Robby Bradford Nov 02, 2011
Anybody else noticing two Higginses?
Description: Other modified Subarus on show include a SPT (Subaru Performance Tuning) WRX, a Kicker Audio WRX STI, an Impreza Sport, and a fully restored 1986 XT Coupe: the world's most aerodynamic production...
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Trevor Brown Nov 04, 2011
I see a lot of G37 in the lights
Alex Sharp Nov 02, 2011
Reminds me of volvo too.
Shane Carroll Nov 02, 2011
I was kinda thinking Volvo
Stephen Pesantez Nov 02, 2011
That headlight design reminds me of the evo a lot besides the fact it curls into the fender a little more
Tanton Stoneman Nov 02, 2011
They must have had aero-issues in the 80's. That looks about as aerodynamic as Jeremy Clarkson
Vince DeMasi Nov 02, 2011
The wheels look like game controllers
Alex Klemstein Nov 02, 2011
No wonder it was the world most aerodynamic production vehicle, it's shaped like a door wedge.