Description: It appears that Honda are using this year's SEMA event to draw attention to their 2012 Civic range, as in addition to a selection of concepts and a smattering of historic models, the Japanese aut...
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Description: The package includes high-performance springs that lowers the ride by 15mm; high-performance dampers for enhanced road handling and reduced body roll; 18-inch HFP alloys; a full HFP aerodynamic kit; r...
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Carlie George Nov 02, 2011
No need just a spoon and torque damper and exhaust I-vtec controller
Ken Madison Nov 02, 2011
So they didn't even put a 2nd hamster wheel under the hood?
Description: Sporting available Honda Genuine Accessories is the 2012 Civic Si Sedan, there's also a blink-182 modified Si Coupe for the Honda Civic Tour and three tuning concepts by Bisimoto Engineering, Fox...
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Andrew Bailey Jul 16, 2012
Lmao BLINK-182 edition!?!?
Brenton Cozby Nov 02, 2011
...on the upcoming photo
Brenton Cozby Nov 02, 2011
rear wheel looks cambered
Ben Matthews Nov 03, 2011
If you knew anything about Bisi, you wouldn't be saying that. Look up his all-motor Insight.
Jeffrey Jdm Eg Vinas Nov 27, 2011
This is probably the best looking 2012 civic i seen
Riley Di Pol Nov 04, 2011
It's got purple rims on the other side
Ben Matthews Nov 03, 2011
I do wanna know what kind of rims those are. A different color would be sweet.
Shane Carroll Nov 02, 2011
@Callum a roofbox, of course
Callum Daly Nov 02, 2011
It's got pink brakes and orange rims, if that docent turn heads I don't know what will
Andrew Bailey Jul 16, 2012
Lol that dude said V8 in the rear!! 
Matt Robbins Nov 02, 2011
So? At the end of the day it's still a Honda Civic. Hard work and determination will get you that supercar you dream of and spend every spare second of the day thinking about. Why limit yourself to an econo-box when real sportscars are very possible?
Michael Wilson Nov 02, 2011
i want this!!! less stuff to take out when i try to throw a V8 in the rear
Ronnie Savoia Nov 02, 2011
go to the gallery at the end of this article look at the turbos and nos in these things... sick of honda haters, if you ask me tuning small cars for big power is as real as it gets, not fantasizing over supercars that youll never come close to owning
Hamza Hamid Nov 02, 2011
I thought fords came from the dump..
Carlie George Nov 02, 2011
Honda + shell = tuning
Anthony Bartolone Nov 02, 2011
I thought that's where all civics came from. Lol.
Raymond Reynoso Nov 02, 2011
Those red tires are sick!