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SEMA 2011: Oakley Surf Tacoma

Toyota has teamed up with Oakley to make the ultimate surfer's truck.
This Tacoma will be making an appearance at SEMA, and was built as a cross-promotion between Toyota and Oakley to be the ultimate surfer's truck. There is an Icon Stage 3 lift kit, as well as bigger wheels and tires help the Tacoma better traverse through sand. There is supplemental lighting from Vision X both in the bed and up front. There is a custom roof rack, and the Tacoma's V6 had a TRD supercharger bolted to it to help deal with the extra weight.
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To make the surfer's life easier once the truck is parked, the Tacoma comes with an ice chest and a barbeque grill, features which we generally consider essential in any vehicle. These features can even be enjoyed out of the direct sunlight, since the Tacoma has a retractable shade. It won't provide much privacy when using the built-in shower, but the Wet Okole Hawaii seat covers will allow you to sit in the truck with your wetsuit on.
SEMA 2011: Oakley Surf Tacoma
SEMA 2011: Oakley Surf Tacoma

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