Description: The brand-new Icon Bronco has just arrived at the SEMA Show for its official debut. The new Bronco is basically built on the shell of the old-school Ford Bronco that roamed the roadways from 1966-1977...
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Description: The new Icon is powered by a new Ford-sourced 5.0-liter V8 engine that puts out a rugged 412hp and 390lb-ft of torque. The motor is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The Icon Bronco is custom...
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Shane Carroll Nov 02, 2011
@Peter there's actually one about 10 minutes down the road here. I'm kinda tired of seeing em in everything too
Peter Bruschi Nov 02, 2011
we have a '66... love broncos... hate chevy motors in ford cars tho... if i had a nickel for every time i saw a '32 coupe with a smallblock id b a millionare... its just not the way to do it...
Ben Matthews Nov 02, 2011
Its obviously the Coyote 5.0. The valve cover and specs give it away
Dan Rather Nov 02, 2011
Yeah it definitely uses a ford engine. GM doesn't even have a 5.0 with those specs on motor trend they say its using the ford 5.0
Shane Carroll Nov 02, 2011
GM sourced 5 liter? Why not use a 302?
Reid Huff Nov 02, 2011
90000 for a ford bronco good luck selling that
Cho Dan Nov 06, 2011
Jeremy, no it wouldn't! A friend and I built a rock climber based on a Suzuki Samurai with high dollar equipment and at no time did it reach 90K, not close. With this you are buying the look and the name.
Jeremy Siebert Nov 04, 2011
@Cho Glad u asked! Consider these are likely hand-built w/absolutely top-of-the-line parts. Note the Dynatrac Pro Rock axles, powder-coated body, built-into-the-bumper winch, etc. Were u to try building this in your garage, it'd cost u the same
Shane Heid Nov 02, 2011
Ya cause off roading and towing in a gtr would be great lol
Cho Dan Nov 02, 2011
What about this is worth $90K?
Matthew Malyapa Nov 02, 2011
$90000 for this!! I would rather get an audi a8
Jeremy Siebert Nov 04, 2011
With over 400hp, Robby? This wasn't built by your high school buddies in shop class with a battery welder and scrap metal. I'd drive this at over 50mph OFF Pavement
Robby Bradford Nov 03, 2011
Wouldn't take this thing more than 50 mph on the highway
Andrew Mullin Nov 02, 2011
Looks good, but not 90k worth of good
Patrick Schalk Nov 02, 2011
This is pretty sweet. I love the old Broncos
Jeremy Siebert Nov 04, 2011
Not to mention licensing the Bronco name from Ford. It's only because Icon had established its business w/the FJ products and CJ3B that they can pull this off for $90k in a profitable way.
Jeremy Siebert Nov 04, 2011
The shocks are expensive, the crate motor, the axles are about $4k each. Those wheels & tires probably run $1500, winch is about $1500. Find a rust free 66 Bronco body or re-pro body & frame for less than $5k. Yeah, just adding up parts will run $30k
Michael Ballard Nov 03, 2011
I see fox shocks, those alone are like 2 grand a piece
Marques Bigboi Johnson Nov 03, 2011
I think the price is for the time it took
Victor Loveable-Huggable Frederick Nov 03, 2011
This can be built cheaper than say 30,000$. May take a year or so but could be done. Oh and I love the how jobs are made comment.
Tyson Broadbent Nov 03, 2011
@Reid Build this for 10,000 then, you know that's impossible.
Scott Childs Nov 02, 2011
Yes, it is a lot high price. But, the price of a 5.0 crate motor plus the suspension is 4-link, it still needs the rear fenders cut out for clearance.
Reid Huff Nov 02, 2011
When he says cheaper he means 80000 cheaper. This is over priced by a very very large amount of money.
Michael Page Nov 02, 2011
Umm...usually you can build things for less than you buy them, that's how jobs are created.
Victor Loveable-Huggable Frederick Nov 02, 2011
$90,000 for this. I could build this cheaper. $90,000 and I could think of something better to spend it on. This looks like it should have a call of duty badge on it.
Chris Benson Nov 02, 2011
It's a typo, it actually has the new ford 5.0 coyote.
Darrin Stojevich Nov 02, 2011
I think that these old bronco's are the coolest 4x4's ever! But Damn, how are they gonna put a junk GM motor in it! They could have put the coyote 5.0 in it or the v6 eco boost and gotten the same numbers, but without making a mockery of the original by putting a GM engine in it! Or
stacey sl Jan 10, 2012
u could buy a 1977 for $2,000 put $20,000 into it and ud have the same truck but with $68,000 to spare lol
Reid Huff Nov 02, 2011
Landon you made me very confused
Michael Wilson Nov 02, 2011
thats what he said?
Landen Renfree Nov 02, 2011
What the crap ur rite Ed it's a Ford engine no GM
Landen Renfree Nov 02, 2011
Hey Ed Turner it's not a GM motor u dingleberry it's the 5.0 from a mustang
Emmanuel Irizarry Nov 02, 2011
Yep that's the mustang emblem right there
Cain Hopkins Nov 02, 2011
If you look closely at the intake manifold you can easily compare to fords new coyote motor used in the new mustang gt I only say this because I'm a bowtie fan and that's not a general motors engine in there.