Comments - SEMA 2011: Five Axis Unleashes the Lexus GS350 F-Sport

Published: Nov 02, 2011
Description: Lexus' version of the GS350 F-Sport appeared to great acclaim earlier today at the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The Toyota subsidiary's close friend and tuning company Five Axis has just rel...
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Joel Christopher Hughes Jan 23, 2012
Beautiful rendition. I love how people call it ugly. Obviously they cannot see past the plain Jane look of a BMW.
Tashfeen Masood Qayyum Nov 04, 2011
Just the name Lexus makes people drool, other than that it is the ugliest car I have ever seen.
Alen Mataković Nov 02, 2011
By far the most beautiful car I've seen!!
Description: The body kit puts added emphasis on sportiness with an aggressive front bumper, side sills and an integrated rear diffuser. Finished in a clean Glacier White, its appearance is much more noticeable th...
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Joel Christopher Hughes Jan 29, 2012
I would go with 19" rims. The body kit looks better than the factory f sport kit coming up though.
Joel Christopher Hughes Jan 23, 2012
I love how I can tell right away who knows nothing about cars... Let alone what wheel should be used....
Roman Pogoretskiy Dec 12, 2011
Can't get better than that! Wow! They should use that on the upcoming GS-F.
Jason Brown Nov 04, 2011
@ Zachary the GS is a sizable car no doubt. But regardless of the body kit, 20" rims are very large. I have a Lexus with 19" rims. The problem is that any larger rims will make the rear float too much when hitting uneven pavement.
Duncan Gibson Nov 03, 2011
These shots are horrible, can't tell anything. Looks good tho
Zachary Maurer Nov 03, 2011
Ok Jason, I'm just sayin, the rims look to small because of how big that body kit is, my counterpart is to-A. Get a smaller body kit or B. Get bigger rims
Jason Brown Nov 02, 2011
Zachary needs to read... 20" rims too small???
Dale Denis Nov 02, 2011
Very nice!!! Great job
Zachary Maurer Nov 02, 2011
Not to be negative, but it looks like if u hit a bump you will skrew up the front bumper, because the wheels are little to small
Nick El-Khoury Nov 02, 2011
The rims look great. Also loving the use of simple colors here and there.
Jonathan Romero Nov 02, 2011
The front bumber reminds me of a mortal kombat ninja face mask like the one scorpion or subzero wears lol.. But it looks totaly sick well done Lexus
Brian Ayala Nov 02, 2011
Yea def better. I wish u guys had a straight on shot of this thing. But I'll see it on Friday in person so it's all good.
Nick Rios Nov 02, 2011
Well done. This is sexy
Patrick Crosby Nov 02, 2011
Nice kit, that bumper is mean!
Stephen Pesantez Nov 02, 2011
Very aggressive love it
Roman Pogoretskiy Dec 12, 2011
It's a show car bro. No engine differences as far as I know.
Alex Sharp Nov 02, 2011
This thing is clean.. Whats under the hood?
Kenneth Williams Nov 02, 2011
Really?? Get a life and grow up
Jimmy Nordloh Nov 02, 2011
More stance, less body kit.
Brad Hickey Nov 02, 2011
Ahahahaha I loved all the responses to connor. Made my night.
Shane Heid Nov 02, 2011
I think Conner got the rise he was looking for outta all of you