Comments - SEMA 2011: BMW 1M Coupe by H&R

Published: Nov 02, 2011
Description: Limited to a few high-end performance parts, suspension specialist H&R has come up with a simple yet classic tuning project for the 1M Coupe that's showcasing at SEMA this week in probably mo...
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Description: The H&R Sport Springs lowers the car about 1.2 inches at the front and 0.6 inches at the rear, improving handling, and their custom Sway Bars have also been included at both ends of the 1M Coupe. ...
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Chad Schley Nov 04, 2011
Vintage for shizzle.
Chad Schley Nov 04, 2011
I would like to see what a set of gold center w/polished RS's would look like on an all black M1. Could be really sick. Anyone any good at photoshop? If so set one up and send it in to carbuz so they can post a reader submission.
Chad Schley Nov 04, 2011
Im loving the classic look the RS's on this car. Really brings back the feeling of the E30 M3. Well done guys!!!
Caleb Anderson Nov 02, 2011
I'm sure the professional engineers that designed this car for performance put brakes on that are to small to perform
Jack Higgins Nov 02, 2011
How big you want? Those are big.
Daniel Marino Nov 02, 2011
It needs bigger brakes