Comments - Chevrolet Shows Off their Custom Camaros at SEMA

Published: Nov 02, 2011
Description: GM brought four of their own project Camaros this year, in order to highlight various personalization options which they offer. First, there will be two convertibles The Red Zone and Synergy. As previ...
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Aj TheDark Artist Nov 03, 2011
I seriously think the 1LE will be the new Z/28. I know the 1LE cars back in the day were handling focused but not many people know what that is. And with everyone clamoring for a new Z I think this will be it. ZL1 suspension wit an LS3. Good Z recipe
Kent Sullivan Nov 02, 2011
oh hey, another camaro article...
Chris Benson Nov 02, 2011
I guess "Removing Weight" is so 2010?
Description: Lastly, there is the ZL1 Carbon Concept. This is, again, an appearance package, but being as it is for the ZL1, it's easier to get excited about it. The package shows off some of the carbon fiber...
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David Bradley Nov 02, 2011
Looks like another Transformer car
Tim Belton Nov 02, 2011
Lol it's only got one line really..
Michael Riley Nov 02, 2011
the front spoiler is ugly, too many lines on it.
Zachary Maurer Nov 02, 2011
Their probably waiting for new modles
Andy Kleschick Nov 02, 2011
this is reminding me, i havent heard a whole ton lately about hennessey. whats going on with them? any new projects or anything?
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 03, 2011
@Ed Its not entirely new. They're gonna come out with a different synergy car every year. With the addition of the convertible they simply gave it the synergy treatment.
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 03, 2011
What's not modern about this? The only problem I c is there isn't a nav screen option. Other than that this interior is very well done and the new wheel kicks ass!!!
Dennis Rech Nov 03, 2011
Retro look outside is cool but it didn't carry well to the interior. I must admit I prefer the Hyundai interiors. Hey Chevy, how about a modern, high tech interior as an option. You have two types of interiors for your trucks. Why not here?
Chris Penza Nov 02, 2011
You guys hated the old wheel, this is way worse
Cory Billig Nov 02, 2011
Very underwhelmed...
Emmanuel Irizarry Nov 02, 2011
I'm waiting for someone to cry. "CHEAP PLASTIC"
Conner Gauze Nov 03, 2011
That. Is. Awesome. !!!!!
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 03, 2011
@Daniel Check out the app and podcast. They have pics and tons of Camaro news. The best source for Camaro news. The hosts Chris and Jason r really cool.
Patrick Schalk Nov 03, 2011
Definitely the best looking. I love this one. I really like those wheels
James Henry Nov 02, 2011
If you look at the first one only it looks just like the challanger
Daniel Marino Nov 02, 2011
What no pics of the zl1 carbon edition??? I thought I saw it in the background next to the Synergy.
Devin Babyn Nov 02, 2011
The color combo just makes me think challenger
Nick El-Khoury Nov 02, 2011
Yeah the 911 GT2 RS pulls of a different colored hood as well.
Alex Sharp Nov 02, 2011
@Emmanuel I like it on some cars, like r34 gtrs.. This isnt all that bad either.
Emmanuel Irizarry Nov 02, 2011
I hate when the hood is a different color
Daniel Marino Nov 04, 2011
Go look at the zl1 diffuser. It sticks out more on the sides to flow with the ground effects
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 03, 2011
@Daniel It's the ZL-1 diffuser sir. The 1LE is just a stripped down SS with ZL-1 suspension parts. Aka the Z/28.
Daniel Marino Nov 02, 2011
Wow a different diffuser. Kind of looks like the stock SS diffuser with dual ports. I wonder if you can buy that from Chevrolet.
Ayrton van der Westhuizen Mar 19, 2012
awesome its a manual
Samantha Faith Willard Nov 04, 2011
It looks so Welcoming.
Michael Ballard Nov 03, 2011
Except for that steering wheel!! That's garbage
Shane Heid Nov 02, 2011
Agreed very nice looking interior I love it
Aaron Barker Nov 02, 2011
This whole car and interior and exterior is just beast nothing More can be said it looks amazing