Comments - Rendered: Bugatti Veyron Successor

Published: Nov 19, 2011
Description: With the Bugatti Veyron having ended its production run, the supercar automaker is currently working on their next project: the 16C Galibier sedan. And while many are sad to see Bugatti replace their ...
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Ken Kirtland Apr 14, 2012
if they revamp the old veyron with this style i hope the redo that terrible interior. this looks much better but to be honest, i think they should scrapp th design and build a new model. one with actual performance qualities and not just a useless top speed.
Bugatti Aficionado Nov 20, 2011
I view them as a complete tease!
Kenneth Williams Nov 19, 2011
Great...more of these what it could look like renderings. They usually look good it just sucks to know that the real thing will most likely never look like them
Kyle Bohne Nov 19, 2011
at least this one has better styling
Zachary Maurer Nov 19, 2011
Or sombody who knows how to save money lolz
Zachary Maurer Nov 19, 2011
It is, bugatti was aiming at rich parents now
Alexander Pecheny Nov 19, 2011
I thought the Galibier was the successor?
Zachary Maurer Nov 19, 2011
I think noel was talkin about the 16g
Shane Jansen Nov 19, 2011
It's just a rendering it's not real (yet)
Noel Mocnik Nov 19, 2011
Yes finally a new Bugatti
Jonny Seegmiller May 05, 2012
I don't like the flashy rims
Yazan Manhal Mar 19, 2012
It looks to be faster than the other
JGL Scuderia Mar 12, 2012
looks really good and very differnt
Leo Castillo Feb 28, 2012
Holy shit this scares
Pratik Parija Jan 24, 2012
The rear reminds me of Audi R8
Tj Sapko Dec 03, 2011
Much better than the 1st! Still wish the'd make the rennissance concept
Cody Fullerton Nov 30, 2011
I really want to like it...I never liked the design of the old one, but the front end is too busy for me. An improvement but still not the best looking.
Cristian Pascual Nov 21, 2011
Per volar arran de terra...
Ervis At Nov 20, 2011
Damn I don't know if there will be another car like this
Etienne Surrette Nov 20, 2011
whoa, I hated the white-collar "fanypants" Veyron, but this is just pure manliness. oh, and YAAY! no egg-shape!
Sol Watts Nov 20, 2011
Veyrons are gay but I like this though
Michael Gallagher Nov 20, 2011
Kitten with whiskers!!
Bugatti Aficionado Nov 20, 2011
All you Bugatti haters will more then likely never see one in person let alone drive one or even own one so, your comments are pointless. Don't speak on it until you have at least been inside one.
Eduardo Gamboa Nov 20, 2011
It looks scary & sexy !!
Matthew Leon Nov 19, 2011
Like it better since it's pissed off lol
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 19, 2011
This is what the first one should have looked like, the first gen was the fastest superegg I ever seen
Ryan Gutierrez Nov 19, 2011
It looks like a pissed off veyron, i like the older one better...
Clint Edwards Nov 19, 2011
It's an improvement but still no looker
Braydon Pack Nov 19, 2011
Sooo much better then the original
Forrest Wood Nov 19, 2011
I actually like it better
Kaigan Viner Nov 19, 2011
I see some Jaguar in it
Vincent Butler Nov 19, 2011
Ugliest super car I've ever seen.
Walter Alexander Thomas Nov 19, 2011
The best looking car in the world. Well at least in my opinion.
Daniel Marino Nov 19, 2011
Get rid of that hood
Stephen Cobbs Nov 19, 2011
Woah. I would piss in my pants if I saw this on the road.
Michael Riley Nov 19, 2011
it's not bad. it looks better than the veyron. just don't do the orange and black, that made it scary ugly.
Albert Jaramillo Nov 19, 2011
I love it. But this rendering was done in 2010, and we are just now seeing it?
Mike Bradnan Nov 19, 2011
I like the under the head light grills. Though it does look like a hyper- Audi.
Callum Daly Nov 19, 2011
They've made the vayron look amazing. Allot better than the old vayron which to be honest was the ugliest hyper car that I've ever seen
Kent Sullivan Nov 19, 2011
If they removed the grilles under the lights this would practically just be a regular veyron. It needs something to distinguish it.
Chris Clark Nov 19, 2011
I don't think those are vents
James Henry Nov 19, 2011
Front looks kinda like a genesis
Patrick Kennedy Nov 19, 2011
They should make a lighter car that can go around corners
Matthew Leon Nov 19, 2011
Looks Beast just remove the grill under headlights
John Gomez Nov 19, 2011
pretty nice execpt for the grills under the headlights
Description: Basically, his design picks up right where the Veyron left off, while also incorporating styling elements from the 16C Galibier concept. Jakus envisions the Ettore to be powered by the 8.0-liter W16 q...
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Ken Kirtland Apr 14, 2012
wow 220 lbs less, now maybe it will way less than 5000. Seriously though. bugatti is terrible at concerving weight.
Adam Sampson Nov 20, 2011
That's why the supersport had +200HP along with a longer final ration, because with the longer ratio alone it wouldn't have reached the rev limit in top gear.
Adam Sampson Nov 20, 2011
Gear ratio's will dramatically effect acceleration no matter what the power output. The problem with extending top gear is you won't increase top speed, as the engine won't be making enough power to counter the air resistance.
Alexander Ovechkin Nov 20, 2011
Increasing the range on the final gear will have no effect on it's acceleration... Even if they adjusted all the gears... With 1200hp it's not gunna make any diff
Elijah McCord Nov 20, 2011
Or just add a gti and an extra gear
Irvenderjit Singh Pannu Nov 19, 2011
Needs longer gear ratio for higher top speed but that will decrease acceleration
Igor Natsioks Nov 19, 2011
They will need to add another gti (200hp) to get it going faster :)
Miguel Blanco Nov 19, 2011
Actually it has slower top speed.
Description: We assume the designer would include all of the luxurious interior trimmings Bugatti offers, but again, this is only an unofficial rendering. Bugatti has stated no plans to build a direct Veyron succe...
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Stephen Ishard Nov 19, 2011
so much better looking than the veyron
Newarun Begum Apr 21, 2012
I mean this totally looks like the gailber
Newarun Begum Apr 21, 2012
This totally like the gailber
Pratik Parija Jan 24, 2012
The rear reminds me of Audi R8
Nicolas Pons Dec 31, 2011
Liked the older back more, that was cool
nellsmaxi106 Dec 14, 2011
The rear of this car is super sexy
Nuke Boom Wc Nov 27, 2011
What's it's horsepower
Patrik Erik Olof Eriksson Nov 21, 2011
I really like the looks of Veyron. This one however looks pretty stupid.
Renan Barreto Nov 20, 2011
Galibier* Had something else in mind when I typed that.
Renan Barreto Nov 20, 2011
This designer is lacking a bit of creativity in my point of view. It looks like an R8, caliber and veryon all mashed together..
Tucker Grimley Nov 19, 2011
Holy exhaust pipes batman!
Alexander Pecheny Nov 19, 2011
Those rims look crazy
Rueben J Yslas Nov 19, 2011
That's an octo exhaust lol.
Daniel Marino Nov 19, 2011
Those wheels would be a b**ch to clean
Ben Winck Nov 19, 2011
Don't think the spoiler is big enough, too many exhaust pipes, and something about the rims bug me a bit
Shane Jansen Nov 19, 2011
I have to be honest I like this a lot better than the last generation. I wouldn't mind seeing it come back.
Shaylen Kumar Patel Nov 19, 2011
Looks totally like the r8 in the back
Brennon Aucoin Nov 19, 2011
I like the old Bugatti brake lights, those are gay
Damien de Pyle Nov 19, 2011
This looks sick! Too bad it's an unofficial rendering. And yeah it does have an R8 vibe about it...
Mario Callirgos Nov 19, 2011
Agreed it doesnt look like a roach with wheels
Chris Clark Nov 19, 2011
Everything looks really nice, except the exhausts...
Lee Cascio Nov 19, 2011
Guys this is what happens when the Volkswagen Audi Group have a monopoly on the European car market. All their cars have the same styling ques.
Buddy Robinson Nov 19, 2011
It's weird, whole car has r8 vibe
Patrick Kennedy Nov 19, 2011
Anyone else see r8 in the back?
Alex Leu Nov 19, 2011
8 exhausts? Wow haha
V12 BOSS Aug 17, 2013
Audi R8
Yazan Manhal Mar 19, 2012
Spiyder is even better
Andy Agus Feb 27, 2012
Looks like my Hyundai genesis coupe
Ben Hansberger Dec 29, 2011
Don't wait for this wait for the successor!
Jack Ficke Nov 20, 2011
IMO its just the old one with a different front. The hood is terrible and the whole thing looks like a bugatti and an R8 had kids. Its not bad but not amazing
Patrick Schalk Nov 20, 2011
Not gonna lie. That's pretty sexy
Greg Kenerly Nov 19, 2011
Holy crap. How they topped the Veyron I don't know. This is Hell on wheels.
Mietek Zul Nov 19, 2011
Way better looking than the original veyron
Albert Jaramillo Nov 19, 2011
LOVE the air scoops in the back
Bob Thebuilder Nov 19, 2011
I just don't like the holes in the binnet
Matthew Crighton Nov 19, 2011
Convertable is sick!
Matthew Leon Nov 19, 2011
Hell ya I liken this
Lou Guerrero Nov 19, 2011
Looks like a million dollar roadster now.
Kenneth Williams Nov 19, 2011
They love taking pics with this background huh
Axel Cousins Nov 19, 2011
Now that is worth the price. It's freaking awesome.
Kyle Anderson Nov 19, 2011
I love the shape and how low the doors are. It gives it more class from the side.
Alexander Pecheny Nov 19, 2011
Something about that screams sexy
Josh Negron Nov 19, 2011
He means is not as massive as smashing 2 typical sized v8's together. Also, 8 liters from a 16 cyl's means the cyl's aren't as large as typical American V8's. And it's a W16, not a V16. They cyl's are staggered & offset, just Google image it to see.
Adrian Gonzalez Nov 19, 2011
I think these rims are better
Ben Winck Nov 19, 2011
Rocky, that's actually a decent idea. If your a redneck
Albert Jaramillo Nov 19, 2011
That is what I call a work of art
Rocky Rock Nov 19, 2011
1 V8 in front 1 V8 in back :D
Brennon Aucoin Nov 19, 2011
Then why does the veyron have a huge back?
Kent Sullivan Nov 19, 2011
Yeah, it's just twice as wide as a V8
David Cho Nov 19, 2011
W16 engines aren't that big it's the same size as a v8 just configure different
Buddy Robinson Nov 19, 2011
With the cockpit so far back I don't think there's room for a w16
Axel Cousins May 16, 2012
This design is so much cooler than the designs they have now. I don't agree with Bardon also
Yazan Manhal Mar 19, 2012
I do not agree with bardon
Jacob Beavers Nov 29, 2011
Hyundai Genesis front lights?....just a tad
Adam Baum Nov 28, 2011
This car. Is so freaking awesome. I can't even...I am not worthy. /bows down/
Nuke Boom Wc Nov 27, 2011
Grand sport succesor
nick exotic super cars Nov 23, 2011
This can be out handled and maybe out braked by some both nothing compares to th raw power! of the bugatti super sport!
Avery Williams Nov 21, 2011
One word, "Ultimate".
Sebastian Grey Nov 20, 2011
Please read the articles Domenic.
Michael Bauman Nov 20, 2011
I don't know. If Bugatti customers get a whiff of this and start talking and asking Bugatti if this is going to be real. That they'll pay any price to have such a beautiful car with a killer engine. Bugatti could hop on it and create it. Never know.
Miguel Blanco Nov 19, 2011
Because this is a rendering, it's fake.
Domenic Biamonte Nov 19, 2011
how do you know it's fake
Justin Harris Nov 19, 2011
I do have to say this thing does look a little weird. But with a few adjustments I think it'll look as good as the veyron.
No Pistons Nov 19, 2011
Idk this is my favorite out of the rest
Miguel Blanco Nov 19, 2011
@Ethan It's not a concept, but a rendering. And there is a lot better concepts out there.
Ethan Amo Nov 19, 2011
Finally....a great design on a concept car....why can't other concepts cool like that?
Alexander Pecheny Nov 19, 2011
Front looks like a scorpion, but not necessarily in a good way. If you're on an iPhone, and you dont scroll to the right, it actually looks pretty cool lol
Rueben J Yslas Nov 19, 2011
Happy Halloween!!!! Seriously can sum1 come up with a better color scheme like… "black and yellow, black and yellow"
Miguel Blanco Nov 19, 2011
Someone a couple of pictures back said he didn't want black and orange. Hes nightmare came.
Michael Gallagher Nov 19, 2011
Awsome. That is one aggressive front end
Mike Bradnan Nov 19, 2011
Thats one wicked looking face. Well done.
Lee Cascio Nov 19, 2011
This color combo just makes me think of halloween.