Comments - Freddy Reitz Puts Pop Art on the Smart fourtwo

Published: Nov 19, 2011
Description: Freddy Reitz is a charming Berlin artist who chose to turn her Smart fourtwo into a work of art. Based on her work titled "U.S. Flag," she painted the exterior of the compact city car with a...
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Jordan Smith Nov 19, 2011
If anything is to have the U.S flag on it, it should be a Corvette or some muscle car.
Gary Howard Nov 19, 2011
Calm down there big guy
Ryan Stringer Nov 19, 2011
A U.S. flag on a Smart Car? Total disgrace to America. Smart Cars are absolutely retarded.
Description: The chic car is set to go into a small series and is dubbed fittingly the "Freddy Reitz Edition." Forgive us for loving this dynamic piece of art on wheels, but any gal who is willing to sho...
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hondacivicDeaf2009 Dec 05, 2011
i forget that smart vehicle as danger for you. while to get big monster truck can hitting pow.. the worest smart car couldnt very enough bad airbag. honda civic 2006 to 2010 does 6 airbag award honda civic.
Sebastian Grey Nov 19, 2011
Disgusting car. Disgusting paint. Is that a girl?
Miguel Blanco Nov 19, 2011
Why is there smudges of other colors on the car, like yellow.
Vince DeMasi Nov 19, 2011
I think it's interesting I don't like the car but I like the art
Patrick Schalk Nov 19, 2011
Get ready for the haters
Maciej Moryl Nov 19, 2011
The interior looks good but the exterior is horrible.
Matthew Leon Nov 19, 2011
Was up with chicks on every car I see
Miguel Blanco Nov 19, 2011
That smile is creeping me out.