Freddy Reitz Puts Pop Art on the Smart fourtwo

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Freddy Reitz turns her Smart fourtwo into an admirable work of American-inspired art.
Freddy Reitz is a charming Berlin artist who chose to turn her Smart fourtwo into a work of art. Based on her work titled "U.S. Flag," she painted the exterior of the compact city car with acrylic paint and it looks truly epic. The interior was also shown some love from the Berliner, as she designed the seats, dashboard and trunk floor herself, covering them with red stitched leather with help from the guys over at Brabus. Even the handbrake and steering wheel are wrapped in the high-end leather.
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The chic car is set to go into a small series and is dubbed fittingly the "Freddy Reitz Edition." Forgive us for loving this dynamic piece of art on wheels, but any gal who is willing to show off her love for the good 'ol U.S. of A. in car form is a class act in our book.