Comments - Doking XD Has Been Upgraded to a Prototype

Published: Nov 19, 2011
Description: Croatia is still not a big name in the auto industry but now, with the Doking XD electric car it takes first steps to establish a motor industry. The Doking XD, a three-seater compact electric vehicle...
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Description: At 2,645lbs for the basic version this compact EV is quite heavy. It has either 120 hp engine or a more powerful 240 hp unit, in both cases at 4,500 rpm. The former accelerates to 62 miles in 7.5 sec....
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Dale Schroeder Nov 19, 2011
It looks like an angry little insect that wants to fly up and bite someone in the neck.
Andy Arana Nov 19, 2011
So... It's dead from behind?
Gabriel Cetean Nov 19, 2011
Nice touch with the tail lights.
Dylan Bruder Nov 19, 2011
The badge is laughing at what it's on
Sebastian Grey Nov 19, 2011
The taillights are very Japanese.