Comments - LA 2011: 2012 Hyundai Azera

Published: Nov 17, 2011
Description: In the build-up to the LA Auto Show, Hyundai teased a video of the all-new second generation Azera and today, having been officially unveiled, its clear the Azera has been given a premium facelift. Ad...
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Johannes Wesselhoeft Nov 18, 2011
GDI = green diesel injected??
Frank Russo Nov 17, 2011
The 2nd generation of the Azera is absolutely right on. Head and shoulders above the rest of them in it's class. I can't wait to read the articles to come on a head to head competition. Hyundai keep up the great work!!!
James Hwang Nov 26, 2011
You will breath toxic gas while you are driving.
James Hwang Nov 26, 2011
In korea, they have serious problem with exhaust system. The exhaust fumes get in to trunk, underbody, and into backseat through interior.
Gianni Vega Nov 17, 2011
Looks better then the Lincoln below it
Jason Brown Nov 17, 2011
The recent makeovers the Korean car manufactures have produced are the result of hiring the former car designer from Audi.
Erik Scherer Nov 17, 2011
I can't believe how good Hyundia's, and KIA's for that matter, are looking lately!
Christopher McSween Nov 17, 2011
Adequate power, good design, & quality that is baked by one of the best warranties in the industry.
Robert G Boulay Nov 17, 2011
Wow! That's what I call an extreme makeover! And in a good way!
Description: Mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC manual control, fuel economy is estimated at 20mpg city and 29mpg highway, while when running in Eco mode the engine and transmission is mod...
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Description: Handling has been enhanced with a MacPherson strut front and multi-link rear suspension and Hyundai have thrown in a range of advanced safety equipment including a knee airbag and impact-reducing fron...
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Frank Russo Nov 19, 2011
I have to agree with John Cho. This car is without a doubt a class leader both in appearance (Inside and out), fit and finish and amenities for the money. Hyundai continues to do this with all their cars WITHOUT sacrificing quality and re-sale value. Keep up the great work!!
John Cho Nov 17, 2011
I've seen this car and the pix here don't do justice. It looks much more sleeker and classier in real life.
Avery Williams Nov 17, 2011
Those lights running across the back of the car makes it look so high tech!
Steiger Hart Nov 24, 2011
As a sells man for hyundai I think this car will sell like hot cakes along with our veloster, r spec genesis, and elantra. All fantastic cars!
Frank Russo Nov 19, 2011
I personally think Black is elegant for this car and look forward seeing it in person!
Paul Lissona Nov 19, 2011
Black is too over used, and in reality is a negative color.
Tom Katt Nov 17, 2011
In black it looks better.
Frank Russo Nov 19, 2011
The interior is showing the level of refinement and upscale materials normally found in a more expensive make. Go to show you why Hyundai is become a leader and not the one that follows anymore!!
Shane Prasad Aug 31, 2012
Nice exterior bit the interior looks cheap
Frank Russo Nov 19, 2011
The navigation screen appears to be enlarged to make the viewing more appropriate to the eye's. The rest of the dash board is complete, high level and simplistic which again is right on point!