Comments - LA 2011: 2012 Honda CR-V Cruises into Cali

Published: Nov 17, 2011
Description: The 2012 Honda CR-V is set to make its way into dealerships on December 15th and the Japanese automaker found the perfect way to debut their popular crossover: at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. The n...
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Don Greene Nov 17, 2011
Freudian slip....he must be hungry.
Paul Lissona Nov 17, 2011
You spelled cylinder wrong. You wrote clyinder.
Tyler Chess Nov 18, 2011
Grille looks like it was just glued on lol
Michael Turner Nov 17, 2011
I meant nicer than that ugly new Escape.
Michael Turner Nov 17, 2011
Way nicer than the new Edge.
Walter Alexander Thomas Nov 17, 2011
This is very ugly. Go!!!!2013 Ford Escape.
Jack Howard Nov 17, 2011
Yeah should prolly touch up with that but everything else looks pretty good
RJ Conlin Nov 17, 2011
The grill looks like an afterthought, not really integrated
Description: The fuel-efficient engine should, in front-wheel-drive configuration, return 31mpg highway and 23mpg in the city. The all-wheel-drive configuration should return slightly less mileage, claimed to be 3...
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Joel Hayes Nov 17, 2011
Sorry 'fuel efficent engine' and 23mpg??? They dont go together
Brad Wood Nov 17, 2011
Ha. Porsche charges $1,800 for power seats in a $80k sports car. Reason; because the consumer will pay it!
Bryan Garza Nov 17, 2011
If Honda can have a rear view camera standard, why can't BMW and Mercedes? Seriously.
Description: The 2012 Honda CR-V will go on sale mid-December and should achieve a 5-Star Safety Rating according to the Japanese automaker. It is currently on display at the 2011 LA Auto Show.
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David Rosenberg Nov 21, 2011
No changes from concept
Zachary Maurer Nov 17, 2011
Walter, again, hondas have some of the best realiability and practical, but good designs, you probably still drive ur parents clunker, so I guess you wouldn't know
Michael Turner Nov 17, 2011
Escape looks like a cheap copy of this. The interior quality is best in class. I sat in the new Escape, CR-V, and CX 5 and the Honda has a quality feel that the other lack.
Mathiew Lacoursiere Nov 17, 2011
Atleast it looks way better then the old one
Jorge Martins Nov 17, 2011
I think it looks a lot better then the escape. Haven't seen the inside yet. And I drive a 04 Freestar. Name doesn't matter to me.
Walter Alexander Thomas Nov 17, 2011
Lol. U must only going for the Honda nameplate. Most def not the style. Exterior and interior sucks.
Jorge Martins Nov 17, 2011
I'll take this over the escape
Walter Alexander Thomas Nov 17, 2011
2013 ford escape got this beat. This is must be a joke.
Aj Harper Nov 17, 2011
The rump looks like it has a tumor. I vote escape.
Quinn Anderson Nov 17, 2011
That rear end doesn't look right at all
Blaise Stevensen Nov 17, 2011
It has a big butt. Like the Traverse.
Jorge Martins Nov 17, 2011
What's funny about the car?
Walter Alexander Thomas Nov 17, 2011
Lol. So funny looking.
Jack Howard Nov 17, 2011
Just because ot slants a little doesnt mean its an aztec. It would have to be a complete failure every way you look at it
Borphan Limthong Nov 17, 2011
Honda Aztec not Honda crv
Avery Williams Nov 17, 2011
Volvo styling back. Still looks nice.
David Rosenberg Nov 28, 2011
Better Honda interiors!
Quincy Pham Nov 19, 2011
Ben just don't know what the heck you are saying moron
Paul Lissona Nov 17, 2011
Interior needs to be more like the older Honda interiors which were excellent.
Ben Shrivers Nov 17, 2011
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll take an Escape, heck, I'll drive an Aztek over this. Back to the drawing board Honda.
Walter Alexander Thomas Nov 17, 2011
The best thing about the over all vehicle is the leather seats. Good job honda
Paul Lissona Dec 22, 2011
Easy to see and work on I'm glad it's not covered with plastic.