Comments - Belumbury Presents its DANY City Car

Published: Nov 16, 2011
Description: One of the newest Italian automakers recently debuted its stylish electric city car at the Milan International Motorcycle Show (EICMA), where the diminutive two-door vehicle managed to gatecrash the t...
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Maciej Moryl Nov 16, 2011
Not the ac motors like they used to make. This is a disappointment.
Trevor Brown Nov 16, 2011
Haha it's so slow they can't even call it a car, this thing better be priced like a motorcycle too.
Description: Its capacity is 13hp and 103lb-ft of torque, offering a 112-mile range in Eco mode and 90 miles in Race mode. The chassis is a steel tube construction with composite plastic bodies, and it has reasona...
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Connor Howard Nov 16, 2011
No there both right electric cars just have lots of torque compared to regular cars.
Edith Wharton Nov 16, 2011
Jeezi think my rc car has more hp
Maciej Moryl Nov 16, 2011
This car is perfect!..........…........for a woman
Trevor Brown Nov 16, 2011
And 103 lb-ft? I think one of those numbers is wrong, but I don't know which one.
Description: An 8.4-meter turning radius is possible in the rear-wheel-drive, and there seems to be a well-finished interior more than comfortable for city dwellers to zip around town in. Availability and price ha...
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Knox Ferraro Nov 17, 2011
Only a matter of time before that name is Aston Martin. Snark.
Elijah McCord Nov 16, 2011
Yea ur right it does remind me of a "insert car name"
Edith Wharton Nov 16, 2011
Its "insert car company name" 's version of a tiny car with good mpg.
Spencer Peirce Nov 16, 2011
So wait......this ISN'T a smart car?
Lily Shulruff Nov 18, 2011
Actually it's sorta cute in a mechanical way
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 17, 2011
Awesome marble work, beautiful architecture, O there's a car
Duncan Gibson Nov 17, 2011
The 3 lights are kinda creepy. Like bee eyes
Ovais Mirza Nov 16, 2011
Looks like a cross between an Aston cygnet and a ford fiesta
Leonardo Cavaliere Dec 05, 2012