Comments - 2012 Corvette Daytona Prototype Revealed

Published: Nov 16, 2011
Description: In the 50th anniversary of the GRAND-AM Road Racing Series next season the Corvette Daytona Prototype will make its competitive debut. At its unveiling at the Daytona International Speedway, Chevy VP ...
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Pat McSharar Nov 17, 2011
this particular car will run in the prototype class, so it the RX-8's aren't relevant.
No Pistons Nov 16, 2011
Should defiantly be fun to see how they do. For the past few years the speedsource rx-8s have been dominating grand-am and I love a good rotary V8 battle
Ken Madison Nov 16, 2011
I'd imagine they'll do just fine. I believe they dominated their old GT class.
Orcun Ozkocak Nov 17, 2011
Looks like corvette on steroids
Maaz Mansoor Nov 17, 2011
I agree with max.slightly better looking tho
James Patton Nov 16, 2011
Take the wing off and it kind of looks like a Nissan R390
Max Delena Nov 16, 2011
It looks exactly like a gumpert
Victor Loveable-Huggable Frederick Nov 16, 2011
Looks like a Toyota gt-1 mold with some design changes to put the vettes styling in in. Not impressed, but I'm sure the pics do no justice to this car.
Description: "The opportunity for innovation is what makes the Daytona Prototype Class such a good fit for Chevrolet." Four teams have been lined up to run the Corvette, namely the No.90 Spirit of Dayton...
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Description: GM Racing Director Mark Kent informed that: "The 2012 Corvette Daytona Prototype was developed by a multi-faceted effort involving Chevrolet, Corvette Designers, Pratt & Miller and GRAND-AM. ...
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Brad Wood Nov 17, 2011
All the DP cars next year are going to be brand new, and much better looking. I love this series, and hope the new design helps the audience connect more with the DP cars.
Erik Scherer Nov 17, 2011
The only DP, in my opinion, that looks good!
Erik Fagan Nov 16, 2011
@Jon more like the offspring of a Corvette and Gumpert.
Adenis AK Ruci Nov 16, 2011
How can you mould the exact front perfection of a corvette and mix it up and mould that with a Gumpert Apollo
Jon Ashley Nov 16, 2011
Looks like a corvette ate a gumpert!
Miguel Blanco Nov 16, 2011
Not a Koenigsegg or Gumpert
Miguel Blanco Nov 16, 2011
I don't know about you guys but I see a Corvette.
Jordan Smith Nov 16, 2011
Why would a mid-engine Corvette be sweet? It goes away from tradition completely
Callum Mckay Nov 16, 2011
@brad, mid engine vette? That would be so sweet
Kenneth Williams Nov 16, 2011
This thing is hot!!!!
Devin Babyn Nov 16, 2011
It just looks like a corvette with a ridiculously wide body kit on it
Gary Howard Nov 16, 2011
@jack- no... No it doesn't...
Brad Wood Nov 16, 2011
Yep, true to the Corvette roots, a mid engine car with a chassis that shares no 'Vette components. ?!? I get the ALMS involvement, but this should just be a "Chevrolet" to boast powertrain prowess. Or, make the Vette production model like this....
Darren Martin Nov 16, 2011
I don't really see a gumpert Apollo, haha I do see koeiniseggseegegsegs
Jack Nicholas Connor Nov 16, 2011
Looks more like a new Zonda prototype
Etienne Surrette Nov 16, 2011
there is a little Nissan R390 in there, one of my favorite hypercars.
Ken Madison Nov 16, 2011
I bet this think makes some insane power. Please use a tuned LS7r?
Vince DeMasi Nov 16, 2011
I thought it was a gumpert at first too haha
Jesse Davidson Nov 16, 2011
Almost spelt the correctly koenigsegg
Jesse Davidson Nov 16, 2011
I thought of a konegsegg when I saw this
Brady Fereday Nov 16, 2011
Almost looks like a gumpert Apollo
Josh ?hompson Feb 17, 2012
I'm getting Saleen S7 hardcore off of this
Igor Boos Nov 23, 2011
Never knew corvette designed another car. Corvette is so smart.
Stew LeVan Nov 20, 2011
That's because Corvette helped design the Mosler MT 900 in the first place
Callum Mckay Nov 16, 2011
Only the front resembles a corvette
Kenneth Williams Nov 16, 2011
Yea I'll give it the misled from this view
Michael Riley Nov 16, 2011
idk if this looks like a Zonda but to me it looks exactly like the Mosler MT900.
Edith Wharton Nov 16, 2011
@chris i was thinking the same thing. The zonda looks more exotic but this is amazing
Cho Dan Nov 16, 2011
Looks like the 80's and early 90's GTP cars. Nice!
Miguel Blanco Nov 16, 2011
Ooh the side looks interesting.
Shane Heid Nov 16, 2011
Thank you Lou. I was gonna say the same thing
Lou Guerrero Nov 16, 2011
Guys, this is a Daytona Prototype. It's a race car. Period. Grand Am wanted them to be restyled for 2012 and they made this one with Corvette 'styling' so this isn't a modified c6 or anything close to it. Race car.
James E Caldwell Nov 16, 2011
I hope it wins, to help motivate them to build one that we can buy for the road.
Sebastian Grey Nov 16, 2011
That barely looks like a Corvette anymore.
Stephen Pesantez Nov 16, 2011
From this view reminds me of the nissan r390 road car
Derek Hedtke Nov 16, 2011
It looks like a saleen s7 from the side
Patrick Schalk Nov 16, 2011
That's so freakin sweet. What I'd give to drive one of these.
Weston Caloyer Nov 16, 2011
That's pretty sweet. they should make a street legal one.
Andriya Zujic Nov 16, 2011
I'm guess the price will not go up!?
Andriya Zujic Nov 16, 2011
Look like a super car now!
Erik Scherer Nov 17, 2011
Woa! A back window! Not that you'll be able to see outta it.....
Shane Heid Nov 16, 2011
A vette zr1 kills a ford gt
Callum Mckay Nov 16, 2011
They should take this, make a NEW car completely, and have a rival to the fort gt
Gregory Fatguy Nov 16, 2011
So yes it's in the back,I can see it right now
Avery Williams Nov 16, 2011
Is this corvette's engine in the back?